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Blue Class - Year 1

Blue Class enjoyed their Nativity today.

Blue Class enjoyed their Nativity today. 1
After learning about Joseph Swan, who invented the 1st light bulb and fairy lights, the children made a circuit to light their light bulb.  They wee given a battery, a bulb and 2 crocodile clips and worked in pairs to discover how to make a circuit and light the bulb.  They were amazed!


Bookworm Project

Mrs Johnson and Miss Hayden would like to thank all parent and carer support in and out of school with our Bookworm project. Over the last 10 weeks the children have read daily and we have seen their confidence and love of reading flourish. We are all so proud of the work and progress the children have made. 



Christmas has arrived!

Christmas has arrived! 1
Blue Class are getting ready for Christmas in Santa's workshop.

Autumn Fun!

Autumn Fun! 1
Autumn Fun! 2
Autumn Fun! 3
Autumn Fun! 4
Autumn Fun! 5
Autumn Fun! 6
Autumn Fun! 7
Autumn Fun! 8
Autumn Fun! 9
Autumn Fun! 10
Autumn Fun! 11
Autumn Fun! 12
Autumn Fun! 13
The children have had great fun today finding signs of Autumn.