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Yellow Class - Year 1

Yummy stories

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Today in Yellow Class we used our story plans to tell a friend our very own story about a hero.


We decided a big animal was going to get into a problem which a little animal would help to solve.


We built our sandwich while talking through our story. Here are what the different parts represented.

The bread - the setting of the scene to tell our audience where the story would take place.

The ham - introducing our first character.

The cheese - the problem which our character would face.

The lettuce - how the problem was solved.

The bread - the ending of our story.


All of the children had fantastic ideas and sentence structure which linked each part of their story together. The children are using adjectives to describe the animals and the setting in the story.


Great story telling Yellow Class.

Bookworm Project


Miss Hayden and Mrs Johnson would like to thank all parent and carer support in and out of school with our Bookworm project. Over the last 10 weeks the children have read daily and we have seen their confidence and love of reading flourish. We are all so proud of the work and progress the children have made. 






This week we have been following in the footsteps of Joseph Swan and making our light bulbs shine brightly!

Local Heroes


This half term we have been looking at heroes. We started off looking at personal heroes - people who have helped us now and in the past and now we are looking at local heroes - people who have come from our local area who  engineered structures.


We have looked at George Stephenson - the man who invented the locomotive from Wylam and William Armstrong - the man who used his engineering background the build the Swing Bridge. Both of these men developed a faster approach to industries. We also used Antony Gormley's Angel of the North structure to make some of our own.


Not only have the children been learning about these heroes within teaching sessions the children have continued to develop their understanding within their play.

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