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Around the World

Around the World in Eighty Days

Leaving Everest and the Himalayas behind, we continue to journey across the vast continent of Asia, as our travels take us into China (with the world’s largest population) and then onto the peninsula of South Korea and the island of Japan. All the days of the journey so far are on the website in Y6 Resources (or use the link above) so don’t worry if you have missed any. You can dip into this resource whenever you like. Enjoy learning a little bit about a country each day or whenever you have time. You might choose to complete one of the activities sometimes suggested or create your own response to your learning: make a fact file, cook a traditional dish, write a postcard, design a holiday brochure, write a travel blog, create an advert for a famous landmark, do a painting or make a model. Be as creative as you wish.