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This is a competition to draw a poster showing how people can be physically active during this time. It may be them walking with family, playing in the garden, dancing, playing football or even bouncing on the trampoline. It can be anything that shows some form of physical activity.  The competition again is open to KS1, KS2 and KS3. In the previous #UNITE projects we have encouraged entrants to also incorporate the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’. These are Connect, Give, Learn, Take Notice and Be Active. We would encourage children to include something to do with these within their poster.

All children should include part of the #UNITE logo in their poster. This may just be the word UNITE, a rainbow or the full logo depending on their age and ability. 

Video Tutorial:

Above is another brilliant tutorial from local children's author and illustrator Liz Million who also led #WRITEUNITE. This tutorial shows children how to draw someone in action to help you get some ideas. Again, she includes lots of helpful tips for all ages for the competition. 

A template has been uploaded below along with a summary of how to enter. The deadline for drawing submissions is 13th July 2020. Good luck!

Banksy Graffiti Art  

Use the PowerPoint to help you think about ideas and plan a Street Art design with a powerful Fair Trade message. Make sure you know which materials you need and you could even make a start if you are feeling really creative and would like to.