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Online Safety

Many of you now are spending more time than usual online so it is more important than ever that we stay safe.

REMEMBER it is easy for people to hide their real identity online.

NEVER share your personal details with people you meet online.  

If you come across something inappropriate or that upsets, you TELL an adult.

We have included some thinkuknow activity packs that are produced by the education programme of the National Crime Agency.  Each activity pack is designed to be completed with an adult at home and will help you learn and speak together about things that are important when interacting online.  

Please do watch the short videos these activity sheets link to even if you are not doing the tasks.

Age 5 – 7 yrs:

Age 8 – 10yrs:


Coding Activities

The tasks you can choose are on the website If you want to create an account to save your work you can do so, but it is not necessary if you just want to dip in and out of the tasks.

The following tasks will embed your knowledge of sequence, repetition and selection.  Remember, as the tasks get more difficult just decompose the problem by breaking it down into small steps. These tasks start off easy and get more difficult as you progress through the levels. You are free to try any of them – if a level gets too difficult just stop, be proud of your achievements and if you want to do some more just move onto one of the other tasks.

Top Tip : When attempting to put repetition (loops) in your code remember to look out for the patterns in the paths.



Minecraft Adventurer:

Minecraft Designer:

Hero’s Journey:

Minecraft Voyage Aquatica:


Try to complete the tasks using the minimum number of blocks specified – this will really improve your skills when using repetition (loops). Look out for the PATTERNS.



Even if you do not have a device you can still develop your computational skills by having a go at this fun activity.

Treasure Hunt

  • Hide something in your home.
  • Write an algorithm for someone else in your home to follow in order to find it.

(Algorithm: A set of instructions, in the correct order, to complete a specific task.)

Here are some basic instructions you could use:

Move Forward 1 Step

Turn Left

Turn Right


Can you create some instructions to include some repetition (loops) or even selection?

Here are some examples:

#Take four steps forward
Do 4 times
+++Move Forward 1 step

#Move forward 1 step at a time until you reach the kitchen then stop
Do until (Reach Kitchen)
+++ Move Forward 1 step


Maybe you could try some instructions along these lines – selection combined with repetition.
Check if there is a door to the left, if there is turn left, if there isn’t move forward 1 step. 
#Repeat until you reach the kitchen.
 UNTIL (Reach Kitchen)
+++If (door to leftTHEN
+++++++Turn Left
+++++++Move Forward 1 step

Finally, have fun and l look forward to hearing what you have done.