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Reading activities

Why the zebra got its stripes

Explore the PowerPoint presentation (linked to our science topic) Next read the full news article. There are two levels of difficulty. Answer the comprehension questions linked to your level.

There are lots of reading activities to complete in Around the World this week. Why not find out about the Javan rhino from Indonesia (Day 51) or discover more about the problem of plastic waste in Malaysia (Day 52)?

Writing Activities

Non-chronological Report

This week we will be planning a piece of writing based on a creature called the Tongo lizard. We would like you to use your science lessons about adaptations and evolution to help you to plan a scientific report about this amazing reptile, considering habitat, diet, appearance and reasons for it being classed as an endangered species. You will have the freedom to be creative with the information but should use the resources to create a realistic lizard that exists on earth. Below is a guide to activities and planning as well as all the resources you will need.

Spelling Activity