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Reading Comprehension

Living on the ice

Read the full article. There are some scientific words that you might need to look up (see task below). Choose from three levels of comprehension questions. There is also a reading activity about polar animals.

Look at the Living on the ice vocabulary task sheet. Can you work out the meaning of these words using the text or will you need to use a dictionary? Make a note of your findings.

Read all about Fair Trade and then test your knowledge in the reading activity – make sure you choose the right level of challenge for you.

There is also a reading activity to complete in Around the World this week. Why not find out more about India? (Day 58)


The Tongo Lizard - Writing a non-chronological report. This week we will be writing our report on this fascinating endangered creature. Using your planning sheets, made last week, with details of habitat, diet, appearance and reasons for endangered status, start to think about the structure, punctuation and language you will use. There are resources to help you understand how to write a non-chronological report, a model and a lesson on semi-colons to revise the use of this punctuation so you can put it to good use in this piece of work. We are really looking forward to reading your reptile reports so don’t forget to share! Below is a detailed guide to this week’s activities and planning as well as the other resources you will need.

Grammar and punctuation

Using semi-colons

There are number of ways to use semi-colons in your writing. Look at these two lessons about their use and try some of the activities below.