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Positive, Respectful and Safe



Complete the reading lesson and activities based on ‘Charlie changes into a chicken’ by Sam Copeland. You will need to practise your reading and listening skills before summarising the key events using adverbs. Click on the link below:

Read all about Fair Trade and then test your knowledge in this reading activity – make sure you choose the right level of challenge for you.

There is a reading activity to complete in Around the World this week. Why not find out more about India? (Day 58)


This week we will continue our work started last week on ‘Journey to the Jungle.’ It is time to plan and write your explorer’s log and you will also be writing a special set of instructions on how to tempt a creature out of its hiding place! You can create the special creature (which you will lure into sight) using your imagination! There are some lessons on identifying verbs and imperative or bossy’ verbs as well as a lesson on using fronted adverbials to help you with your writing. You might also want to look at the presentation on how to write instructions.