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English Year 5


Follow the reading lesson and activities based on ‘The London Eye Mystery' by Siobhan Dowd. You will need to practise your reading and listening skills before thinking about how to extract key information to summarise events and you will also learn about idioms.

Read all about Fair Trade and then test your knowledge in the reading activity – make sure you choose the right level of challenge for you.

There is also a reading activity to complete in Around the World this week. Why not find out more about India? (Day 58)


This week we will be continuing the work started from the booklet ‘One Chance.’ This is a Talk 4 Writing booklet which explores the idea of being granted just one wish…what would you do with it? This week you will be learning about mood and atmosphere and how to create this in your stories. You will also need to incorporate some dialogue so there is a session on direct speech for you to look at. You will need to decide on the ‘lucky’ object that your characters find or get given as well as planning the setting and events to finally write your wishing story.

Grammar and punctuation