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Writing Competition
Why not write a poem for the Gateshead SSP's #WRITEUNITE project? The theme for the poem is Sports Day and should be no longer than 20 lines. There is a great video by the author Liz Million to watch below and a summary sheet so that you can read all about how to enter and also find out details of the prizes you can win. Yes, PRIZES!! We have so many budding writers in our Federation that we are confident you will come up with some fantastic entries. The closing date is July 8th so why not give it a go as part of your writing sessions this week?


WRITEUNITE Tutorial from children's author and illustrator Liz Million.

Watch the short video clips in the LEARN section of these lessons below. Then maybe use the ideas and techniques to write your fabulous Sports Day poem!

Main Writing Tasks

Our main work for the next two weeks will focus on the experience of ‘Lockdown.’ What have you done to keep yourself entertained? What are the things that you never knew you would miss until now? This Talk 4 Writing unit will take you through your lockdown journey. You will be working on list poems and thinking about ways of making your writing even more descriptive through the lessons on expanded nouns, similes and metaphors. If you can reach page 11 this week, that would be fantastic but don’t worry if you can’t. All resources are below.

Grammar and Punctuation
The lessons below will help you understand some of the tasks in your Talk 4 Writing booklet in more depth. Take a look when you come across these terms in the unit. There are some practice activities to go with them.
Reading lessons and activities

Complete the reading lesson and activities based on ‘Slime’ by David Walliams. You will need to practise your reading and listening skills before learning how to find information and write more creatively.

There are lots of reading activities to complete in Around the World this week. Why not find out more about the Hainan Gibbon from a remote island of China? (Day 61)

or The Year of the Rat? (Day 62)

or learn a little bit about South Korea? (Day 63)