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Reading Lesson

The extraordinary life of Katherine Johnson’ by Davika Jina. Watch the two clips and read about the life of one of the most important people in the history of space travel, living in an era of racial prejudice.

Reading activities

Choose from three levels of text about ‘Celebrating the NHS’ and then answer the questions which follow.

Read the story opening ‘Rainforest Calling’ and answer your chosen level of questions. There are three levels to choose from.

If you like sport, read all about ‘The Tour de France’ in Around the World France (Day 71)
This week you have a choice of tasks. Each unit is based on a completely different genre of writing and there are two Year 7 units to really stretch your imagination and skills. Discuss the options with an adult and choose the unit best suited to your interests. There are lots of lessons and tasks to help prepare you for all the different types of writing. I can’t wait to see what you decide to write about. All resources are set out in options below. 
Option 1 Gadgets - Persuasive Writing
The focus of this Year 6 unit is persuasive writing and creating an advert for a state-of-the-art gadget. It's up to you decide what your gadget will be used for. Will it be useful, time-saving or just plain funny?!
Watch the two videos in the 'Learn' section. You do not need to do the activities.
This lesson will teach you about devices that can be useful in persuasive writing.
Option 2 Villains - Creative writing
This is a more challenging Year 7 unit which some of you might like to try. The theme is not for everybody and is quite dark - think Voldemort in Harry Potter - so you may want to look through the tasks with your parent and decide whether this is for you. The unit explores different approaches to narrative writing, considering character flaws and a backstory, which some of you will find an interesting challenge.
Option 3 Dreams - Poetry
This is also a more challenging Year 7 unit but this time the focus is dreams, hopes and aspirations. The unit explores creative language through poetry and concludes with Martin Luther King's speech 'I have a dream.' Again, have a look with your parent and see if this is a task that suits you.