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English Year 5


Reading Lesson

The extraordinary life of Katherine Johnson’ by Davika Jina. Watch the two clips and read about the life of one of the most important people in the history of space travel, living in an era of racial prejudice.

Reading activities

Choose from three levels of text about ‘Celebrating the NHS’ and then answer the questions which follow.

Read the story opening ‘Rainforest Calling’ and answer your chosen level of questions. There are three levels to choose from.

If you like sport, read all about ‘The Tour de France’ in Around the World France (Day 71)


The Ultimate Guide to Elves and Sprites.

This week you will be planning to write an information text all about these fantastic little creatures. It’s what we like to call ‘faction.’ You will be writing lots of factual, expert-sounding articles but about something that is pure fiction. You will start by exploring everything there is to know about the cave elf, creating menus, lists, passports and even maps before writing your report on an elf or sprite of your own. Let your imagination run wild! All lessons and resources are linked below.