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English Year 5

Reading Year 5
Follow the reading lesson by clicking on the link below based on ‘Percy Jackson and the lightning thief' by Rick Riordan. There are some follow-up activities too. You will need to practise your reading and listening skills before thinking about how to extract key information and summarise character and plot. Everything you need is within the lesson, except a pen and paper, and you of course!
There are also lots of reading activities to complete in Around the World this week. Why not find out about the Javan rhino from Indonesia (Day 51) or discover more about the problem of plastic waste in Malaysia (Day 52)?

Writing Year 5

For the next two weeks, we will be working on ‘One Chance.’ This is a Talk 4 Writing booklet which explores the idea of being granted just one wish…what would you do with it? Could there be any downsides to having exactly what you have always dreamed of? How would you decide? There is new vocabulary to discover and we will look at how vocabulary choice affects writing. You will learn about synonyms and antonyms in a separate lesson and after exploring the texts in the booklet, you will be guided to write a special mirror poem using a range of writing devices. If you can reach Page 15 this week, that would be fantastic but don’t worry if you can’t. To access all resources, click on the links below:

Grammar and writing activities