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Fair Trade

Geography: FAIR TRADE

Lesson 1: An introduction to Fair Trade

1. Follow the PowerPoint to find out more about FAIR TRADE and why it is so important. There is a video embedded at the start of the PowerPoint so watch that first to help you understand.


2. Complete the task: Where does my food grow?

You don’t need to print a map – use a map on google, an atlas or a map jigsaw if you have one.

Follow this link to use an interactive map - it's brilliant! You can click on countries within the world map and it will enlarge to a more detailed map.


3. There is a map activity to follow if you would like to do it.

Lesson 2: Fair Trade Football

1. Follow the PowerPoint and watch the video embedded in the picture.


2. Choose to complete some of the tasks in the Fair Trade Football's Playing Fair Choosing Grid. You can do as many as you want to but make sure you ask an adult to help with the sewing task.


3. Or, you might want to design a poster to advertise fair trade footballs. Think about the message you want to promote to persuade someone to buy them, make it eye catching and sell the Fair Trade message.