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Fair Trade

Geography: FAIR TRADE 

Lesson 1: Watch the video in the Y5 & 6 PowerPoint: My Next Fair Trade Journey (Part 1 and 2).

Answer the questions in the PowerPoint and choose to complete 1-2 activities from the Home Learning Grid on the website. Be as creative as you can. You can choose anything that takes your interest. Perhaps some research of the ‘Big Five’, plan a socially distanced Fairtrade tea party, make some leaf rubbings/prints or even make a storyboard of the different stages of the journey of tea. You will find a copy of the grid on the website in this week’s folder.

Lesson 2: Use the Fair Trade Cocoa Bean PowerPoint to find out about the story of cocoa beans. Follow the link to watch the video, find out about the growing process and then think about how you might respond to the customer comments. 


Next think about what you would like to do to follow up the lesson.

  1. You could create a story map so you can orally tell the journey of the cocoa bean from tree to shop.
  2. Create a poster to promote fair trade and all of the benefits of buying fair trade chocolate.
  3. Or, you could choose one or two tasks from the choosing grid. You can print it from the website. The choice is yours! 
Alternatively, if you fancy a spot of baking, use the fair trade recipe to make some delicious brownies.