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Fair Trade

Geography: FAIR TRADE 


Lesson 1: The Journey of the Banana. Use the PowerPoint to learn about the story of the banana, discover just how we end up with the fruit at home and watch the short videos hyperlinked in the pictures. The resources to help you write about the journey of the banana are available on our website.  and 

You can also follow the link in the PowerPoint to read more about the banana. 


Lesson 2: A Trip to a digital Supermarket. Use the PowerPoint to help you. 

Ask an adult to help you search on a supermarket website for some Fair Trade products. What have you found? Use the chart to find the prices of similar Fair Trade and Non-Fair Trade products. A recording sheet is available on our website then perhaps think about recipes and make something using Fair Trade products. 


If you like bananas, you could ask an adult to help you make a banana split (see the recipe on our website). 


You could also give the Fairtrade Fortune Teller a try or play the Fairtrade Lotto game.