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Supporting maths learning at home

#DANCEUNITE - Full Dance

Here is the full dance - did you manage to learn it all?

Miss Byrne's PE challenge!

Still image for this video
Our resident Joe Wicks, Miss Byrne, has set you all a challenge! Can you do the following-
10 star jumps,10 burpees,10 squats,10 tuck jumps and 10 sit ups
In the quickest possible time? Miss Byrne's record is 1 minute and 8 seconds. Can you beat it? Send us your results, photos and videos!
If you have got the fitness bug, please try some of these other PE challenges!
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The Book of Hopes: Words and Pictures to Comfort, Inspire and Entertain Children in Lockdown

If you are looking for some reading to brighten your day, take a peek at this new resource from The National Literacy Trust. My favourite is Care of Exotic Pets: The Axolotyl at Bedtime by Catherine Johnson. A perfect poem for me, Miss B, fan of all amphibians!


Online Safety for KS1 and KS2


As many of you now are spending more time than usual online, it is more important than ever to cast your mind back to what we have learnt in our online safety lessons.


REMEMBER it is easy for people to hide their real identity online.


NEVER share your personal details with people you meet online.


If you come across something inappropriate or that upsets you TELL an adult.


Each activity is designed to help you learn and speak together about things that are important when interacting online.


Please do watch the short videos these activity sheets link to, even if you are not doing the tasks.


Age 5 – 7 yrs:


Age 8 – 10yrs:


Subject: Northumbria Police Online Safety Support

Good morning,


I would like to bring to your attention the “ThinkuKnow” education programme from the NCA-CEOP. This is a UK organisation which protects children both online and offline. In the current climate, with children spending increasing amounts of time online during home schooling, Northumbria Police would like to highlight this programme on online safety which we believe you will find useful for protecting your children if included as part of their home learning package. There are resources on the website targeted at different age groups. Parents/Carers and teachers could use the resource to assist as part of their learning. It would hopefully help keep them safe. Would it be possible for you to circulate this link to your school colleagues with a suggestion that they could incorporate these resources in their home school learning packages?


Use the link below to access the programmes.



Ian Wilkinson 5105
Safeguarding Schools Coordinator
Safeguarding Department
| M: 07736194283
'Northumbria Police will be outstanding in the service we provide'
'We will do this through protecting the Vulnerable, delivering quality Investigations and applying Problem solving to everything we do to protect the communities we serve.'



A book about the coronavirus you might like to share with children

A-Z of coping strategies

A-Z of coping strategies 1

NHS Learning Project


School is now working with RISE. The RISE team works with young people in schools across Newcastle and Gateshead to help support their emotional and mental well-being. School life can be especially difficult when people experience added pressures, whether school related or in their personal life. All young people from across Newcastle and Gateshead are eligible for help and support from the RISE team.

Further information and really useful resources are available on their website. They have compiled a list of links to online resources, including mental health support and advice that we think will help parents and children cope during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just follow the Resources link...


“Mental health is like the weather. Some days the sun will shine, and I will remove my coat and enjoy the warmth. Other days it will be windy, and I may need to wear a scarf. If the rain pours, I will put up my umbrella. But whatever the weather I seek to continue with my day, knowing that it is forever changing.”

30 day art and design challenge

30 day art and design challenge 1

Some more fun ideas to try over the Easter holidays

Some more fun ideas to try over the Easter holidays 1

Ryton Federation Zentangle Challenge

Ryton Federation Zentangle Challenge 1
Zentangles are a fun and imaginative art activity. Open the document to find lots of zentangle challenges that you might like to try. Don't forget to post examples of your work on our blog page!


As we move towards the Easter holidays, we have spent some time collecting together some Easter themed resources for children to use if they would like to. There is no need for home learning to continue over the holidays as it has over the last couple of weeks, but some children may enjoy completing a selection of the activities attached below and benefit from the structure some daily learning will bring. There's a selection of word searches and puzzles as well as Maths and English based activities and Easter cooking. Hopefully, there is something for everyone.

30 Day Lego Challenge - practice your art and DT skills and use your imagination!

30 Day Lego Challenge - practice your art and DT skills and use your imagination! 1