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Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 27/01/23

Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 13/01/23



We had an amazing afternoon at the Sports Festival. We practised lots of different skills and had a lot of fun. 

We have been learning about wheels and axles. We designed and created a sleigh ready to test and see if it will carry the elves toys. 


We have been looking at continents and writing information about each continent. We were looking at Europe and we built different landmarks using our construction.

Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday 25/11/22



Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday 18/11/22



Poetry Competition Winner Year 2



Hot Chocolate Friday 4/11/22

Star of the Week 4/11/22



We realise that some parents were unable to attend the reading meetings that we held last week so here is the powerpoint we used to explain how we teach reading at Ryton Infants.

We have been learning our new song, Hands, Feet and Heart and learning to play the Xylophone in time with the music. We have split into two groups, one singing the main part and the other echoing the song. We have worked so hard and had a lot of fun. 

We had an excellent trip to Thorp for our Sports Festival. We developed our skills in throwing, catching and balancing, as well as working as a team. We had a fabulous time and cannot wait for the Summer Festival!

We have been looking at materials in science this week. We sorted each object into the correct material group and began to discuss the different properties materials have. We remembered a lot about materials from Year 1. Miss Wink was very impressed! 

We have been looking at place value and counting within 100 by making tens. We grouped each of our objects and used our stem sentence to help us. There are ______ tens and ______ ones. The number is _______. 
We have really enjoyed getting practical in maths and representing our numbers using different resources.