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Mrs Johnson - Year 1 Class

In our ICT lesson, we practised giving instructions to each other and used code to create algorithms. We were pretending to be robots!

Here we are keeping fit and healthy in the yard.

We are reading The Magic Porridge Pot in class so we thought we should make some! We really enjoyed trying different toppings and we talked about the fact that porridge is a healthy choice for breakfast.

To fit in with our topic on Healthy Living, we did some exercises out on the yard. Look at us touching our toes, running on the spot and even doing lunges and press ups!

Maths and Senses Fun!

The children enjoyed finding all of the different representations of each number to 10. 

We have been naming our body parts and learning about our senses this week. 

The children enjoyed using their sense of touch to find out what was in the bag and their sense of hearing to guess which instrument I was playing behind the board.  We all enjoyed using our sense of smell to guess what the herbs and spices were and whether we liked or disliked the smells.  We all loved the cinnamon and ginger spices!

A super start to Year 1!

Year 1 have had a brilliant start to the new school year! 

We are enjoying playing with our friends, exploring the classroom and having fun! 

We are learning our tricky words, our sounds and we love counting to 100 every day in our funny voices.  We all like the very loud voice!  

We have enjoyed learning about our wonderful world and listening to the song, What a Wonderful World sung by Louis Armstrong.

On Friday we had our first virtual music lesson with our specialist teacher, Miss Thompson.  We sang lots of body songs and enjoyed playing the instruments.  Miss Thompson played her violin and we tapped the pulse. She is going to play What a Wonderful World on her violin next week. We are looking forward to next week's lesson!