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Within the School Games, Personal Challenge is a student driven/self-led opportunity to attempt to improve your performance and can take place both at school and beyond the school day. How you go about choosing what challenges you want to take on should be personal to you, and not just because a friend or someone else has told you so.

So, think about all those things you want to achieve in 2020 and beyond. You might want to:

·Become stronger by helping others – set yourself some bodyweight strength challenges or do more chores around the house such as hoovering and gardening.

·Improve your fitness and reduce screen time – walk with your family when collecting food and help carry it back. You might also learn more about eating healthier at the same time.

·Prepare for learning – taking regular physical activity breaks between school work can help you de-stress, refocus your mind and give you the energy to go again. TIP: Your brain works better when standing so could you do some of your homework standing up?

For some more examples, watch these videos of young people sharing what their personal challenges are using the link below.

A tip for making your challenges the best they can be is to make them SMART:

· Specific.

· Measurable.

· Attainable.

· Relevant.

· Time Bound.


Now you've seen these children's challenges, what's yours? Why not post your challenge on our blog or challenge your friends?

Sportshall Athletics Home Pentathlon

If you are missing your Sportshall Athletics at school, why not create your own Pentathlon at home?

Follow the link below to a series of simple YouTube videos which explain how - you could even get the whole family involved!