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Jingle Bells on the Violin

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Year 5 investigate irreversible reactions

Year 5 have been learning about reversible and irreversible reactions. They planned a fair test to find out the factors that affected the amount of carbon dioxide produced by the reaction between bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. They used the height of the bubbles produced to measure how much gas had been produced by the reaction. 



Fabulous festive fun at the Year 5 Christmas party!

Fun and Active Playgrounds

We’ve entered in the Fun & Active Playgrounds competition and are in with a chance of winning a playground transformation worth £3000 for the new academic year! We’re crossing our fingers as the Silver Sports Package includes 6 bright and colourful playground markings that encourage physical play and activity. With a Netball Court, Dance With Me, Active Trail, Jump Game, Dartboard and 4-Way Hopscotch – the range of markings can be used to enhance breaktimes and PE lessons!

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Reading Success at Ryton!

Well done to these amazing children, from Year 1 up to Year 6, who are reading regularly and have earned their first Ryton Radical Reading Award. We are so proud of you! Keep reading!

Research has recently shown that 15 minutes home reading per day seems to be the “magic number” at which children start to show significant gains in reading achievement.



Year 5 investigators

Year 5 have been investigating the properties of different materials. We have been discovering which metals and other materials conduct electricity and are magnetic and looking to see if they are flexible, opaque, transparent or translucent. We also found out how to make colour spinners using the electric motors!

Fantastic Footballers!

Our football season returned last night after what seems like forever and what a lovely evening it was! It is hard to express how delighted we were to see the children from our local schools competing once more. All the matches were very exciting and with every team winning at least one match, there was some careful adding to be done to decide the top two. Ryton just lost out on 2nd place by goal difference but played fantastically well as a team and showed great potential for future games. They wish the teams from St Mary's and Emmaville lots of luck for the finals next week. We can't wait to see all of our children get involved in more competitions this year and this group of Y6 pupils definitely gave us every reason to be proud last night. Well done all of you


Ryton Reading Award

What a fantastic start to our Ryton Reading Award this year! These superstars have been reading every day and have achieved their first award already. What fantastic role models they are!
Don't forget to read every day and bring in your reading record to earn a stamp towards your award. Reading is SO important in order to be able to access every area of the curriculum.
Thanks so much to our amazing parents for their support with this crucial part of their child's education.