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Reception Phonics

Phase 3 Phonics Words to practise – reading and writing in suggested games.


(+j) (+v) (+w) (+x) jam van will mix Jill vat win fix jet vet wag box jog Vic web tax Jack Ravi wig six Jen Kevin wax taxi jet-lag jacket visit velvet cobweb wicked vixen exit.

 (+y) (+z/zz) (+qu) yap zip quiz yes Zak quit yet buzz quick yell jazz zigzag quack yum-yum liquid

ch sh th ng chop ship them ring chin shop then rang chug shed that hang check shell this song such fish with wing chip shock moth rung chill cash thin king much bash thick long rich hush path (north) sing chicken rush bath (north) ping-pong

ai ee igh oa oo wait see high coat too Gail feel sigh load zoo hail weep light goat boot pain feet might loaf hoof aim jeep night road zoom sail seem right soap cool main meet sight oak food tail week fight toad root rain deep tight foal moon bait keep tonight boatman

short oo look foot good took wood wool hood

ar or ur ow bar for fur now car fork down bark cord owl card cork burp cow cart sort curl how hard hurt bow jar surf pow! park fort turn row market torn turnip town farmyard cornet curds towel

ear air ure er ear air sure hammer dear fair lure letter fear hair assure rocker hear lair insure ladder gear pair pure supper near cairn cure dinner tear secure boxer year manure better rear mature summer beard banner

Words with a combination of two Phase Three graphemes cheep sheet thing thorn teeth coach tooth harsh short church singer shear chair waiter arch chain faith sheep sharp poach shoal shook shark march torch


A typical phonics session has 4 parts - recap sounds, teach a new sound, practise reading and writing workds with that sound, apply learning of that sound in reading and writing captions / sentences which contain tricky words. Please contact me if you have any questions or you would like activity suggestions to supplement this.