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SEND Gateshead Thresholds

SEND Gateshead Thresholds

Gateshead have great pleasure in presenting ‘The SEND Thresholds’ which is the Local Areas response to meeting the SEND Code of Practice (2015) Graduated Approach and the DfE SEND Improvement Plan launched by the DfE on 2 March 2023. We want to build on best practice nationally and to shape the Graduated Approach at all settings 0-25. The SEND Thresholds will provide an invaluable framework for staff in all settings 0-25. 

The Thresholds have been developed in partnership with parents and carers, education staff, health services, social care and our young people themselves.

The children of Gateshead have said, “We are pleased that the Thresholds, which we have been a part of, give guidance, advice and expertise on the support that we require in settings 0-25 to meet our needs - the Thresholds are a guide and give us the beginning of the conversation as to what should or could be available to us”. Gateshead Council have recognised the importance of the young person and the family voice with particular respect to those children and young people with additional needs and hence we have a section in the Thresholds supporting the young people and family voice. During the consultation with young people and families, they came up with some amazing practical ideas to improve communication and provision – these ideas are available in the Threshold publication linked below to bring together health, social care, families and schools in one document.