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Year 6 Resources

Week beginning 06/07/20

Welcome to Week 6! There are lots of competitions to take part in linked to our #UNITE projects with some lovely prizes up for grabs too. If you didn't write a Sports Day Poem (details in Week 5 English), there is still time - entries due in on 8th July or if art is your subject, there is a brilliant drawing competition this week (deadline 13th July) so check that out in the art section of your home learning pages. As always, there are lots of activities in all subjects for you to try this week. Our journey around the world is on the final leg and I wonder if anyone has travelled on all of the days so far? Keep up the great work with your home learning and as always, keep taking care.

Miss B and Mrs Steel

Week beginning 29/06/20

Hello everyone! Welcome to Week 5. The time just seems to be whizzing by at the moment! Once again, we have plenty of activities for you to explore at home and at school. If you have finished your Tongo lizard report, you could have a look at this week's writing competition and main task. The competition is to write a poem about Sports Day (which we hope you will have a go at) and then there is a chance to write an advert using your best persuasive techniques to save the endangered tiger. Learn more about ratio and scale in maths and fossils in our science this week. Our journey around the world continues across Asia and there is more to learn about Fair Trade. Of course there are also PE, Art, French, Computing and PHSE activities to spend some time on too so it's another busy week!

We hope you are all well and staying safe and we look forward to this week's updates.

Miss B and Mrs Steel

Week beginning 15/06/20

Heading into Week 3, we have lots of activities for you to try. Our writing 'The Tongo Lizard' is linked to the science and geography topics of adaptation and climate so you will need to make sure you have a go at the activities in all these subjects to be able to plan your writing really well. There are lots of resources to help you as always. It is good to see so many of you keeping up with your maths skills and your reading too. Why not take a look at the wealth of coding projects in computing or try the new music lesson. There are new countries to explore in 'Around the World' and a great new PE challenge from Gateshead SSP called #RUNUNITE which hopes to see as many of you as possible running a mile every day this week in lots of fun and different ways. There are also some ideas for creating a Sportshall Athletics Pentathlon at home!

We continue to be amazed by the way you are working in these extraordinary times and we really are so proud of you all. Remember to keep us up to date with what you are doing and enjoying in your home-learning and, as always, take care.

Miss B and Mrs Steel

Home Learning Week Beginning 08/06/20

We hope you are all ready for another week of home learning. There's lots for you to do, both online and in lessons, and we're really looking forward to seeing what you get up to. Most of you are working so hard, which is fantastic, and you always finish the tasks that have been set.We know more of you will be in school this week and next week, so keep working hard and make sure that you are all doing your absolute best whether that's in school or at home.

Remember, you now have activities to do online on Numerise to help get you secondary school ready as well as TTRockstars, Mymaths and SAT Bootcamp along with your White Rose maths activities. We would really love to see more of you using Reading Plus, SAT Bootcamp and more of you completing the Rockstars target of 500 points.

Lots of postcards and certificates have been sent out over the last couple of days and there will be many more next week.

Keep posting us pictures and sending emails, enjoy the week and stay safe!


Mrs Steel and Miss B



Week beginning 01/06/20

Welcome back! Well it's the final summer term already and we hope you have had a bit of a break from home learning and that you gave yourselves a half-term holiday (although we know many of you have still kept up with your studies despite this!) This term our focus will be on Inheritance, Evolution and Adaptation, which we know that you will love as a topic, and we will have a geography focus too, exploring climates around the world. We know how many of you like to stay active so check out the PE link and the challenges there and see if you can add activity miles and minutes to our Get Set Travel to Tokyo page for the Federation. Remember we love to keep up to date with all your activities and achievements so keep blogging and emailing us please!

We hope that you are all well and looking forward to the new half-term,

Missing you all,

Miss B and Mrs Steel

Week Beginning 18/05/20

Wow! You all worked so hard last week both online and on paper. As always, you are making us so proud with all that you are doing and with the work you are posting and emailing to us, so keep it up. The theme for this week is 'The Blitz' but if you have other tasks to finish then do those first.

Remember to work through the tasks on the planner and try to complete the online tasks on Reading Plus, TTRockstars, Mymaths and Spellingshed too. There are lots of tasks on SAT Bootcamp as well - there may be no SATs this year, but you still need to know your stuff!

It is Mental Health Awareness Week this week and the theme is 'kindness' so we'd love to see your acts of kindness on the blog. You're all such a lovely bunch, so I'm sure there'll be lots posted!

Stay safe and look after each other.

Mrs. Steel and Miss.B

Week beginning 11/05/20

As we head into Week 6 of Home Learning, it feels very strange to think that this week would have been SATs week across the country. We both know you would have tackled the tests by giving your very best and we are very proud of how hard you all worked to prepare for this time. To mark the occasion, there are some very silly SAT papers for you to have some fun with, just in case you were really looking forward to them! On the weekly plan you will find all the information you need to access the new week 6 tasks and ,of course, all the resources needed just below this message. Remember it is better to finish work that you have started so don't move on until you are ready and remember that we do not expect you to be able to get through everything necessarily.

We hope you have had some fun celebrating VE Day with your families and adding to your understanding of World War II. Remember to keep us posted with everything you have been doing as we really do love to see your home learning projects.

Take care and stay safe,

Miss B and Mrs Steel 


Week Beginning 04/05/20

Wow, another week of home learning to come and what a fantastic job you are all doing. The plan for this week is attached below and is full of activities to keep you busy. Lots of maths and literacy as well as some work on our topic of WW2, computing, science, PE, French and RE. Remember it is just a plan and each family should complete what they are each able to do. We know every family is different and you are all working hard.

Friday will be the 75th anniversary since war ended in Europe, so hopefully you will all have a go at some of the tasks in the history folder to mark the occasion.

Please keep using the online learning sites and posting/emailing us your work. It's lovely to see what you have worked on. We will keep updating you through the week and look out for your online learning and your entries to the blog.


Keep safe and stay well.

Mrs Steel and Miss B.

Week beginning 27/04/20

Another week gone and you have delighted us both with your creativity and imagination during your home learning sessions. Here is the new plan of curriculum activities for you to try next week (beginning 27/4/20). This includes daily maths and literacy as well as a wide range of creative curriculum ideas, including activities for our history topic WWII, PE challenges and some new science lessons. Remember, the plan is just a guide and it is up to each individual family how you use this. We appreciate that everyone's circumstances are different and that everyone is doing their best but also want to make sure that you all feel supported in knowing what could be used for home learning. Please continue to share your fantastic work with us, either on the blog or by email, as we really do enjoy seeing what you have been doing and watching your learning progress in so many different ways. 

We hope everyone is still keeping well and safe,

Missing you all,

Miss B and Mrs Steel

Welcome back Year 6!

We hope you have all had an enjoyable Easter and have loved seeing your spring pictures and Easter egg designs on the blog. So that you can all continue your fantastic home learning, we have put together a plan of curriculum activities for you to try next week (beginning 20/4/20). This includes daily maths and literacy as well as a wide range of creative curriculum ideas. The plan is just a guide and it is up to each individual family how you use this. We appreciate that everyone's circumstances are different and that everyone is doing their best but also want to make sure that you all feel supported in knowing what could be used for home learning. Please continue to post your fantastic work on the blog as we love to see what you have been doing. To access these resources, please click on the Week 3 links below.

We hope you are all keeping well and safe,

Missing you all,

Mrs Steel and Miss B smiley

Week 2 Home Learning for Year 6

Hopefully, everyone is getting on well with their home learning and still has plenty to do in the packs and CGP books.

Remember there are tasks on mymaths, Reading Plus, SATs Bootcamp, TTRockstars and Spellingshed as well as access to Charanga for any music you would like to do.

Attached is a weekly timetable with some activities but as always please do what is right for your family, be creative and enjoy your home learning. There are some links at the bottom  of the page for the history lesson, sentence stacking and PE with Joe. If you have been travelling around the world or would like to join in the exploration, the resources are below and will be updated daily. This week at school we created igloos, artwork of the Aurora Borealis and wrote postcards from places visited. Don't forget to let us see what you have been up to!

Also attached are some daily maths resources - the theme for week 2 is prime numbers, square numbers, factors and multiples.

It would be lovely to see some fantastic art from you all so take a look at the spring themed art activity so that you can create something that represents what spring time means to you. With all the work from KS2, we will try to create a gallery of all the pictures you send us.

We know that some of you have already made a fantastic start to our World War Two home learning menu. We have attached some extra ideas and lots of websites for any of you that would like to do anything more. Where websites will help with tasks on the home learning menu, it has been identified.

Enjoy the week and keep posting.

Mrs Steel and Miss B