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Mrs Johnson - 1NJ

We have been writing graphic scores in music for our friends to play!

100% Attendance, Star of the Week and Ice Pop Friday! 14/07/2023

We have been comparing and measuring mass. We had a great time in maths this week!

Star of the Week and Ice Cream Friday! 30/06/2023

Come and meet our forest friends!

We had a super time in the forest looking for the changes in plants and insects in the Summer.

We then went into the shady forest area and used clay and clay tools to create our forest friend on a tree!
We then added twigs and leaves. They all have their own name!

After playing in the forest, we had a lovely cool drink under the tree.

Star of the Week and Ice Cream Friday! 16/06/2023

Such a busy couple of weeks!

We loved making pictures with the cuisenaire in maths. We then found the value of each rod. We had to prove it! We used 1 value rods to find the value of the other rods and some children even used 2 value rods and counted in 2’s!

We loved our PE calming yoga in the hall today as it was so hot outside.

We have been finding quarters of shapes and amounts this week. The children were super!

Stars of the Week and Ice Cream Friday! 09/06/2023



Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 26/05/2023



Fruit Salad

We used our design plans to make our fruit salad. We had to slice, peel and chop the different fruits. Then we ate our fruit salads and evaluated them. Some children needed bigger plates!

Design Technology 

The children enjoyed tasting the different fruit today. They are going to design, make and evaluate their own fruit salad next week!

We love playing in our new garden centre!

Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 12/05/2023



Special Objects 

Year 1 enjoyed looking at the special objects in RE.


We enjoyed looking at the fruit and vegetables and deciding whether it was the root, stem, flower or fruit that we eat!

Multi Skills Festival 

We had great fun at Thorp at the Y1 multi skills festival even in the rain! 

The King’s Coronation 

We had a super day celebrating King CharlesIII Coronation. We made crowns, bunting and paper chains. Our special lunch was amazing!

Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 05/05/23



Fun in the Forest!

Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 28/04/23

We had an amazing time at Warkworth Castle!

Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 21/04/23



Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 31/03/23



A busy week!

The children loved skipping in PE for International Skipping day last week.


We have been learning how to attack and defend a castle and finding out who lived in a castle. The children enjoyed making their own castles, We are looking forward to visiting Warkworth castle in April!

We made chocolate Easter cakes this week and wrote some instructions for Reception !

The children have enjoyed learning about Easter in RE.


We are beginning to learn about money and enjoyed sorting the coins and looking at the value of each coin.


We loved wearing our Easter bonnets in the Infant Easter parade.

Have a lovely Easter!

Hot Chocolate Friday! 24/03/23




The children wrote questions for Rumpelstiltskin and he came to visit! He answered some of our questions but wouldn’t tell the children where he lived!

Red Nose Day!

Hot Chocolate Friday! 17/03/23



Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 10/03/23



Our visit to Crawcrook Library

We had an amazing time at Crawcrook library! Kyle read us some super stories and then we played a game. After that  we shared some books with our friends.

The Battle of Hastings 1066

We began our History work about Castles by finding out about why there are lots of castles in Northumberland. We also learned about the significance of our PE houses and sequenced the Invaders in our timeline. We loved acting out the Battle of Hastings when the Normans invaded England and then began building castles. 


We loved using the finger puppets to retell the story of Cinderella!

We love books!

Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 17/02/23



Number bonds to 20

We have been using our number bonds to 10 to find out the number bonds to 20.

Another Brilliant Week!


After looking at the artwork of Kandinsky, the children drew around 2D shapes and used watercolours and pen to add colour.


We have been using tens and ones to add using number bonds.



We have doing performance dance and in pairs creating our own sequence of moves, ending with a balance.



The children are learning to use an algorithm, a precise sequence of instructions, to perform a dance.

Star of the week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 10/02/23



Visit to The Holy Cross Church

The children loved visiting The Holy Cross Church to look at the inside and outside features of the church. Reverend Alison met us and talked all about the different parts of the church. We had remembered lots from our RE lessons!

Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 03/02/23




We were able to mix the primary colours blue and yellow to make different shades of green.



The children loved playing with the replica Victorian toys!

We are learning different rolls in PE.

Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 27/01/23

Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 20/01/23



A busy start to 2023!

Shapes are everywhere!

We built towers using 3D shapes and used the shape names to describe the towers. We used the flat faces to make strong towers.
We made 2D shapes using human geoboards and geoboards. We were able to sort the shapes and explain how we had sorted them and we found the odd one out.

New and Old Toys


The children enjoyed looking at their toys.


We then looked at Mrs Johnson’s Tiny Tears and Mrs Martin’s teddy. Mrs Laybourne brought her teddy in too. They were very old!
We looked at Mrs Laybourne’s Lego set and realised it hadn’t changed from the Lego today!


One of the children brought in a beautiful porcelain doll which was 90 years old! We were very careful with it! 

Maths Problem


Farmer Pete saw 14 legs in the field but he didn’t know how many belonged to the sheep and how many belonged to the hens.
The children found out the possibilities using lolly sticks for legs and pom poms, bricks and counters for bodies. We found different possibilities!


We enjoyed printing with Lego using primary colours or we mixed our own secondary colours.



We can represent teen numbers using tens and ones and on the ten frames.

Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 13/01/23



Santa came today!

Year 1 Christmas Party!

Design Technology

A Moving Picture

We designed, made and evaluated our moving pictures. We used either a slider or a lever to make our moving Santa Christmas card.

A Fabulous Christmas Dinner!

The Story of Christmas 

We told the story of Christmas to our friends and family. We were amazing!

Hot Chocolate Friday 9/12/22



A great week!

We have been busy with the subtraction fact families in maths this week. We used haribos and chews as parts so we could find the whole. We then worked out our 4 subtraction families!

Winter has arrived!

We compared our Autumn photo with the new Winter photo to look for the changes in our clothing, the weather and the deciduous trees in the playground. There were lots of changes in the seasons.

Star of The Week and Hot Chocolate Friday 25/11/22




We can describe the properties of the materials using our super science words! We then sorted the objects using the given properties.

Number bonds to 10

We found all of the pairs of numbers that totalled 10 with the numicon and played the game ,Hit the button, on the iPad. We tried to beat our score!

Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday 18/11/22



Another busy week!

What a busy week full of different activities!
We have been exploring how to join paper together using tape, glue and split pins in DT, We also practised our cutting skills and folding paper in preparation for our DT project, Levers and sliders.

In maths we have been finding all of the pairs of numbers that total 10 and found the pairs using numicon with our friend.

This week, we have retold the story of the Three Little Pigs in groups using our straw puppets.

Some children in phonics have been learning the different ways to spell the /igh/ sound.

The children loved making their spotty biscuits on Children in Need day!

Poetry Competition Winner Year 1



Star of the Week 11/11/22

Materials all around us!

We love science!

Year 1 have been on a material hunt outside. We found objects made from different materials.

We also explored each object and then sorted the objects into their material hoop. We can name the material that the object is made from and use scientific words to describe them. Year 1 also found out that some materials are man made and some are natural materials.



Hot Chocolate Friday 4/11/22

Star of the Week 4/11/22



Our Magic Hallowe’en Potion!

The witch came to visit on Hallowe’en!
We followed the magic potion spell and look what happened when we said the magic words!

Hocus pocus ,bubble and boil!

Village walk

We really enjoyed exploring our local area as part of our geography topic, Where we Live. We learned about the pinfold and visited the Ryton War memorial. We saw lots of different types of houses.

We then made our own group maps of our local area.

We realise that some parents were unable to attend the reading meetings that we held last week so here is the powerpoint we used to explain how we teach reading at Ryton Infants.

Our last week of the half term!

We have settled so well into Year 1 and 2.


In maths we have been solving first, then and now problems using our ten frames.


We loved mixing secondary colours from the primary colours to print with our Autumn leaves.


Our trip to the forest was amazing with Mrs Goodwin from Forest Adventurers, even in the rain! The fire was super and we learned how to keep safe around fire. We loved eating our treats too!