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Home Learning

It's such a shame that we aren't all at school working and learning together. I hope that it won't be long. I will attach all homework sheets to this page, just in case you need them. Try and complete a piece of English and maths each day, practice your spellings and read. Also try and spend some quality time with your family. See you soon!

I haven't uploaded some of the times table sheets. There are only a few pages of the Year 3 pack that I wanted you to complete.


Trampolining at Thorp


More Sounds

We investigated how sounds were created using various musical instruments and a ruler! We were able to see and feel the vibrations that created the sounds.

Oh La La!

As we were learning about France we just had to taste a variety of French food. Some children enjoyed all the foods... some didn't!

Computering with Mrs Dodds 3

Our final session with Mrs Dodds. Using the Makey Makey and what we had learnt last week, we made a harp to play a variety of musical notes and instruments. We also used the Mind robots to collect the notes needed to play “Jingle Bells.” We also made a Rudolph with a flashing nose using the Crumble. The children learnt a lot about coding and had great fun. 

Computering with Mrs Dodds 2

We had another fabulous lesson with Mrs Dodds, where we started building keyboards to code. We then linked the code to music and started thinking about the prototype of a keyboard. We looked at how the foil sends the code to the computer using the Makey Makey kit. In pairs, we talked about programming and how to code with given code. 

Practical Maths

Introducing column addition. 

Computing with Mrs Dodds. 1

Some photos of our great afternoon working with Mrs Dodds. We used Crumble, Scratch Junior, Mind robots and Sphero. We can’t wait until our next lesson! 


This term we have been investigating how sounds are made and we can recognise that  vibrations from sound travel to our ears. We made string telephones, but the weather was so bad we had to test them inside. 

Chocolate Makers!

The children became budding chocolate magicians like Mr Wonka and designed and made their own chocolate sweet. First, the children decided what kind of chocolate they would like to use, then they decided what, if any flavouring they would like to use and finally what they would like to be inside their sweet. Once the sweet had hardened overnight, the children tasted their creations and evaluated them.

Amazing Chocolate Homework! 

The children have astounded me with their creativity and effort when making their Chocolate Factories. They were able to describe the different parts of the story referring back to the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story.

One of our fabulous factories even moved!

Still image for this video
We had such a tough day in Year 3. It was so hard tasting a variety of chocolate to decide what kind of chocolate we were using in our chocolate sweet. We tasted milk, white, plain and 85% pure cocoa chocolate. 


More Radical Readers! 


Glockenspiel fun! Learning to play easy D and E.  


Dan helped us improve our skipping skills and taught us some new games. 

The Windmill

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Year 3 Sandwich Makers.
Year 3 enjoyed our visit from Warburtons, who shared their knowledge of bread making, food and healthy eating. The children learnt the importance of a balanced diet, hygiene and safety, food waste and basic food preparation in an enjoyable and creative way. They also ate their delicious sandwich.


Look how many children have filled their first Radical Reading Cards.  A fantastic  effort  children, keep it up! 

Practical work on place value. 
During transition, I gave the children an envelope to collect pictures, tickets, leaflets of places that they visited or things that they had done during their summer holidays. It was lovely sharing these with my children in September. 
September 2019 Autumn 1

Transition Days.

The children spent two days becoming more familiar with the  Juniors and their new classroom and getting to know me. We toured the school and met all the staff. I wrote a letter to the class telling them a little bit about myself and then the children wrote a letter back to me so I can learn more about them. They also made some very colourful portraits of themselves using collage materials. The children also tried our delicious school dinners. 


Autumn Term 2

    This term in maths, Year 3 and 4 having been learning how to measure accurately using a variety of rulers, tape measures  and trundle wheels. We estimate the lengths, then measured using millimetres, centimetres and metres. Later in the term, we used peg boards to further develop our knowledge of 2D shape.

    In Science, our topic was healthy eating and the body. We learnt about the bones in our body and why our skeleton is important. One of our class brought a skeleton into school, she was able to tell us about the bones and we were able to touch and look closely at the bones. In art, we used our knowledge of bones to make anatomically correct skeletons, in a variety of positions using cotton buds and a variety of paper straws. We also investigated the effect of a variety of liquids on teeth. Egg shells were used in place of teeth as they closely resemble teeth. The children enjoyed this experiment and were eager to look everyday to see if there were any changes. From this experiment they realised the importance of brushing their teeth regularly.

Our term ended with our fabulous production of Superstar, Christmas craft, our Christmas party and our Christmas Carol service at the Holy Cross Church.


Year 3 and 4

 We have all had an amazing start to a new school year! The children have worked enthusiastically and thoroughly enjoyed learning about life in Ancient Egypt. Their learning involved many exciting activities, including writing a newspaper report based on the mysterious death of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, they made clay cartouches with their names painted in Egyptian Hieroglyphics, they became Ancient Egyptian embalmers and mummified a banana. They also became Egyptian Pharaohs, using oil pastels to draw their own Egyptian crown on a photo of their heads. We were also very impressed with the children's fantastic Egyptian landscape paintings in the style of William Turner. In addition, we would  like to thank the children and parents for their brilliant and highly creative homework projects.