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Mrs Hunter - 4VH

TTrockstars battle


A tournament has been set up against Mrs Pottinger's class. Good luck!



Some apps to try


David Walliams is streaming some of his series via audio - - listen along with your juice (or tea) and morning snack.


Audible also have many free children's books available, you do not need an account to listen - 


Duolingo is another free website/app. Learn a new language (like the French we do in school). I gave it a trail run this morning and it runs nicely using the free version. The app uses lots of repetition to help learn new words!


 World Maps will help you with your geography - it challenges you to find countries and cities on a map. This might be a good to use after each area you visit in out Round the world in 80 days challenge (see 6AB's page for more details on that). 


Geoguessr is another Geography based app, it gives you a street view of somewhere in the world and you have to guess where it is by marking on the map. It then gives you the actual place and a score based on the distance away you were. It takes a while to get used to how it works, I got 6658 on today's test, can do better?


Timetable - if you need a little help to structure your day :)

Check out Jane Considine's sentence stacking, she will do live sessions every day starting at 9:45. The aim is too create a collaborative story ever day. The video attached gives you introduction smiley

Home Learning


Hi Year 4!


This is definitely a change to how I saw the last few half terms with you, I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. You are already missed!


Over the next few weeks, or until we are able to meet back in school, I will be updating this page and our class blog with activities for you do at home. Remember, you have your home learning packs, which include some maths and English for weeks before when our usual Easter holidays would be. There is also a creative curriculum document for you, which you can spread across the time you are away from school. I will also check and update SpellingShed and MyMaths as well as put some challenges and battles on TTrockstars. 


Currently spelling shed has some spellings that are a recap of lists we have already done. Please also spend some time on the MathsShed games. MyMaths have some tasks set already but I will add more in the coming weeks.


You were all given your passwords in your home packs. You will find one for Oxford Reading Buddy as well. This site is fantastic, it allows you to read books on your computer or tablet and then take a quiz on the book you have read. You are all working incredibly hard on progressing your reading so please use this site as well as reading your own books.


Those of you who use Lexia will be able to access from home as well. 


Remember, there are other activities you can do at home that we are not able to do as frequently at school. For example, you can bake or cook, learn how to sew or how to knit a scarf, play your favourite game or even create your own board game, immerse yourself in a book, spend quality time with your parents and siblings and even get away with more screen time that usual. 


Everything will be a bit different to usual but remember I would still love to see anything you get up to while at home. You can upload pictures or messages to our class blog (


4 VH has had a wonderful start to the school term. This week we have looked at Roman numerals, the children have built numbers using lolly pop sticks.


We have also begun our study of the Mayans, the children have thought of some excellent questions to help lead our focus across many different areas of Mayan culture.

Children will be using 'The Boy Who Biked the World' as their guided reading text this term. The story follows a boy who bikes through the Americas, including through some of the cities Mayan settlements were.