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Ryton Infant and Junior School Federation

Who's who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Senior Leadership Team 

Mrs Deborah Ashcroft  -  Executive Headteacher 

Mrs Nicola Johnson - Infant School Deputy Head

Mrs Susan Spurr - Junior School Deputy Head 

Miss Claire Baker - School Business Manager 


Infant School Staff 

Miss Elizabeth Gilholm - Administrative Officer 

Mrs Gillian Baker - EYFS Teacher 

Mrs Kelly Bolland - EYFS Leader 

Mrs Nicola Johnson - Year 1 Teacher and SENCO 

Miss Ruth Hayden - Year 1 Teacher 

Mrs Kelly Cradock - Year 2 Teacher 

Mrs Angela Martin - HLTA 

Mrs Susan O'Neill - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Sheena Borrowdale - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Jennifer Bullerwell - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Janice Mackay - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Carole Fumoleau - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Betty Saunders - Lunchtime Supervisor 

Miss Kelly Watson - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Carol Thompson - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Audrey Moody - Lunchtime Supervisor


Junior School Staff 

Mrs Helen Laybourne - Administrative Officer 

Mr Dean Glaister - Year 3/4 Teacher 

Mr Craig Richardson - Year 3/4 Teacher 

Mrs Julie Pottinger - Year 3/4 Teacher 

Mr Paul Fenton - Year 5 Teacher 

Mrs Susan Spurr - Year 5 Teacher 

Miss Ali Bottomley - Year 6 Teacher 

Mrs Fiona Steel - Year 6 Teacher and SENCO 

Miss Lorraine Marrs - HLTA 

Miss Jillian Head - Teaching Assistant 

Ms Sandra Tutin - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Denise Walton - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Linda Walton - Lunchtime Supervisor 


Federation Staff 

Mr Steve Spark - Site Manager 


Mrs Susan O'Neill - Infant Breakfast Club Supervisor 

Mrs Jennifer Bullerwell - Junior Breakfast Club Supervisor 

Mrs Sarah Waters - After School Club Leader

Mrs Nancy Charlesworth - After School Club Assistant.