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Mrs Cradock - Year 2 Class

Our class earned another treat and the vote was so close (feed the hens vs ice lollies) that we decided to have both! We had a lovely time with the hens this morning and collected 4 eggs. Then we rounded off the day with an ice-lolly!

This week’s LEXIA superstars!

We are creating a scene from Hansel and Gretel to fit into a shoebox. Here we are designing our scene and practising our cutting, folding and sticking skills.

We have been looking at Pablo Picasso's blue period so we have been learning how to mix different shades of blue.

Representing two-digit numbers in different ways - with numicon, coins, base ten, place value cards, bead strings and in numerals and words.

As part of our Healthy Living topic we have been showing different ways that we like to keep fit!

For our class treat, we voted to have a trip down to the forest area. It was such a lovely warm sunny morning and we had such a fantastic time.

Our English work is based around The Magic Porridge Pot and together with the fact that we are learning about Healthy Living in science, we thought we’d all have some porridge. We tried to choose healthy toppings.

We have been talking about ‘belonging’ and the families that we are part of. We understand the fact that although all families are different, they all share the same love.

We love making things in our class.

We are finding out all about our senses. Today we carried out an investigations where we used our sense of smell to try to identify different spices. There were some that were familiar, some we liked and some we definitely did not like the smell of! We also used our sense of touch to try to identify some objects that were inside a feely bag. Some things were easily identifiable but there were some that we just had to take a look at!

We've been working really hard on our self-portraits.