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Mrs Cradock - 2KC

We had a fantastic time with Ms Tutin at Forest Adventures on Friday. We played in the mud kitchen, in the playhouse and the tube; we built dens; we climbed trees; we swung in hammocks and we all sat around the fire to toast marshmallows. It was a great afternoon.

This week there were lots of names on the recognition board and here are the three children whose names were picked out of the box eating ice-lollies!

When Mrs Johnson took her class on a mini beast hunt, they found a newt! Mrs Martin brought it up to school so that we could all have a good look at it.

In science we are learning about mini beasts and their habitats. Today we went on a mini beast hunt down in the forest area and we were amazed at the number of different creatures we found.

In RE, we have been learning about symbols of Christianity, one of which is the dove. Here we are making our own beautiful doves.

Hot Chocolate Friday

Hot Chocolate Friday

Hen Power Project - we are busy making puppets for our story backdrop.

Hot Chocolate Friday

Hot Chocolate Friday

Captain Tom 100 Challenge - to celebrate Captain Tom's birthday and to recognise all that he did for charity, we took on our own '100 themed' activities and challenges today. All of our maths activities were based around the number 100 - those 100 square number jigsaws were hard, but we didn't give up. As well as maths activities and indoor games, we challenged ourselves outside, too, by running on the spot, doing star jumps, touching our toes and hopping - all for 100 seconds each to warm up for our PE lesson.

Hen Power - our task this week was to paint out egg cups. Lindsey gave us excellent instructions online and modelled exactly what to do. Our egg cups look fantastic.

Science investigations - we had to find out which material was the most stretchy, which material was the most absorbent, which material was the most waterproof and which material was the most bouncy.

We had a lovely Christmassy walk through the festive forest area followed by hot chocolate - with marshmallows AND cream - and a selection box!

Winter Runderland - We are trying to collect carrots for the reindeer by doing lots of exercise. We earn one carrot for every minute of activity.

We enjoyed making Christmas Tree garlands for Ryton Towers.

We had great fun acting out the story of What the Ladybird Heard.

On the Friday of anti-bullying week, we all came to school wearing odd socks to celebrate our differences and to unite against bullying.

For Children in Need we all came to school dressed differently to raise money for charity. We had great fun watching the Duck Race then used an app called Quiver to bring our Pudseys to life.

This week we have taken part in lots of activities linked to BBC Children in Need Five to Thrive. We have been very active every day, working out with Joe Wickes, we’ve talked a lot about friendship and taking notice of each other, and we’ve performed different little acts of kindness each day. On Thursday we took part in several challenges that involved balancing a bean bag on one knee whilst standing on one leg, doing a really complicated dot to dot and a tangram puzzle.

Year 2 had a heroic afternoon on Wednesday. We listened to the story Supertato then enjoyed using our programming skills in different activities. The children really enjoyed collecting Evil Peas by programming a robot to catch them in a maze. They tinkered with Scratch Jr, and explored how to make their sprite and Supertato move! We also created algorithms to create our own Supertato, and our own superhero dance. Thank you to Mrs Dodds fromComputing 4 Kids NE. We had so much fun!

On Friday we had our first music lesson with the wonderful Miss Thompson. We played some games and we learned about rhythm, pitch and musical notes. Then she introduced us all to the ocarina and we all started learning how to play it.

We have been learning about Remembrance Day and used water colours to create pictures depicting fields of poppies.

Our class earned another treat and the vote was so close (feed the hens vs ice lollies) that we decided to have both! We had a lovely time with the hens this morning and collected 4 eggs. Then we rounded off the day with an ice-lolly!

This week’s LEXIA superstars!

We are creating a scene from Hansel and Gretel to fit into a shoebox. Here we are designing our scene and practising our cutting, folding and sticking skills.

We have been looking at Pablo Picasso's blue period so we have been learning how to mix different shades of blue.

Representing two-digit numbers in different ways - with numicon, coins, base ten, place value cards, bead strings and in numerals and words.

As part of our Healthy Living topic we have been showing different ways that we like to keep fit!

For our class treat, we voted to have a trip down to the forest area. It was such a lovely warm sunny morning and we had such a fantastic time.

Our English work is based around The Magic Porridge Pot and together with the fact that we are learning about Healthy Living in science, we thought we’d all have some porridge. We tried to choose healthy toppings.

We have been talking about ‘belonging’ and the families that we are part of. We understand the fact that although all families are different, they all share the same love.

We love making things in our class.

We are finding out all about our senses. Today we carried out an investigations where we used our sense of smell to try to identify different spices. There were some that were familiar, some we liked and some we definitely did not like the smell of! We also used our sense of touch to try to identify some objects that were inside a feely bag. Some things were easily identifiable but there were some that we just had to take a look at!

We've been working really hard on our self-portraits.