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Mrs Steel and Mrs Baker - 3FS/GB

Ancient Egyptians: we discovered how pharaohs were mummified today. Huge thank you to our lovely helpers who volunteered to help out and get messy! We can all now explain the process and why it was used!

Ancient Egyptians: learning about how the pyramids were constructed. We explored our ideas with polydron and Lego before building with sugar cubes!

Winter's Child: Discovering themes and using zones of relevance to help us consider the themes within this fantastic story.

Winter's Child: exploring expanded noun phrases. We have loved this beautiful book; the illustrations inside have inspired our wonderful writing!

Exploring Prayer Spaces in Year 3 and 4: huge thank you to some very familiar faces who have come back to help us today!

Technology: designing and making our very own pavilion structures before we evaluated them. Our imaginations ran wild when we designed the features!

Technology: exploring pavilion structures using marshmallows!

Great start to learning about the Egyptians! We made our very own timelines today to discover the 5 main time periods of the Egyptian civilisation.

Year 3 and 4 had a fabulous Christmas lunch. Massive thank you to all of our lovely kit hen staff making it so yummy!