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Mrs Hunter 2VH

What a glorious day we had at Gibside! The weather was fabulous and we were very lucky with what we saw along the way! Our favourite was definitely the Pond Dipping- we even managed to find a Northern Crested Newt! 

Living, once alive and never alive.

We have been looking at different objects that are alive, were once alive and never alive. We discussed and classified the objects then hunted for some of our own. 

Dance Festival

We had the most amazing day at The Sage Gateshead participating in the Dance Festival. We worked so hard and showed off our talents to a large audience and lots of our parents. Thank you for supporting us! We had a fab day! 

Science investigation

We planted cress in three different trays and started an experiment to see if plants really need both water and light to survive. We have been observing our experiment daily and recording our findings.

We are looking at plants for our science topic this term. We have planted cress and broad beans and we are comparing the growth against each other. We wanted to find out what would grow quicker and why? We have also looked at what plants need to grow and be healthy. 

Captain Scott

We have been learning about Captain Scott and his journey to the South Pole. Today we compared his journey against Amundsen's journey and argued our opinions on why Scott was beat to the South Pole. We discussed the impact of different factors and agreed on three main reasons. 

We had so much fun exploring the forest again today! We enjoyed climbing the trees, building dens and crawling through the tunnels. 

What a fantastic cricket session! We were brilliant bowlers and learnt all the skills in order to help us with our bowling. We used the s' to help us. We stood sideways, in a star shape, with a straight arm and stared at the stumps. What super bowlers we were by the end!

We have been looking at vegetables in D.T this term. Today we used our plan to make a vegetable soup. We prepped our veg by peeling, grating, chopping, dicing and slicing. We tried different textures of soup and compared chunky and smooth soup. 

We have been having so much fun learning new skills with Andrew. Today we were looking at how to bowl correctly and played a greast game, knocking down all the stumps. 

We had some fantastic costumes for World Book Day!
We discussed our favourite stories, created a review on our favourite character and played a game of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. We really know our stories, it was a very close game. We had so much fun! 

Rollercoaster painting

We have been experimenting with different brush sizes and quantity of paint on our brush. We used water to stretch the paint across our page and mix colours as we designed our own rollercoaster. We focused on how to hold our paintbrush to create sweeping strokes across our page. We designed some really scary loop the loop rollercoasters! 

We finished off our topic by tasting different Chinese foods and using adjectives to describe the taste and texture. We all had a go and tasting the foods and comparing what we thought. The sauces received a mixed response, some of us thought they were spicy and hot and others really enjoyed them, suggesting they were mild and full of flavour. 

Computer Science

We were so lucky to have Mr White visit our class and teach us how to use the Makey Makey. We created different circuits using wires and our body to pass electricity through and play music on a virtual piano. We had so much fun! 

We have been looking at China for our topic this term. We had so much fun learning about Chinese New Year and finding out which year we were born. We can all write our name using Mandarin Chinese writing and have learnt many fascinating facts about China which we used to create a fabulous poster. We have had so much fun looking at China!

We have been learning new skills in art this half term. We learnt how to weave, making sure we went "over and under" to create the pattern. It was tricky to begin with but we mastered it and created some lovely art work. 

Healthy eating, balanced diets and exercise.

This week we have been grouping foods in to healthy and unhealthy foods. We looked at the different food groups and discussed what we needed for a balanced diet. As a class we discussed the amount of food in each group we should consume to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We designed a meal we would like to eat including each of the food groups. We then focused on why we exercise and the impact it has on our body. 

In art this term we have been looking at clay. We made a clay tile experimenting with different patterns and resources. This week we have painted our tile. 

We really enjoyed our Xmas dinner! Our favourite part was pulling the crackers and wearing our hats. 

Journey lines

We have been planning a journey around the world in geography. We looked at what continents and oceans we would pass through and what we might see in each continent. 

We had so much fun this week exploring the forest for a whole afternoon with Mrs Goodwin. We climbed the trees, swung in hammocks and toasted marshmallows around the fire. We had a great time!

Maths- 2 digit and 1 digit addition

We have been using tens and ones to help us complete 2 digit and 1 digit addition crossing ten. We used our prior knowledge of number bonds to make ten and we enjoyed using the practical resources to help us.

Hot chocolate Friday winners

This weeks hot chocolate Friday winners. What superstars you have been, well done!


This Week in R.E we have been learning about the meaning of Advent. We had lots of fun making our wreaths.

We really enjoyed our sports afternoon at Thorp! We spent the whole afternoon doing different activities and had so much fun doing it. The big boys and girls from Thorp Academy helped us to get better at some of our PE skills. We hope they will have us again! 

In art we are looking at pattern and texture. Take a look at the wonderful patterns we created using paint and various utensils. 

In English and topic we are learning all about the Great Fire of London. We did a sorting activity to help us to put the event in order. 

Materials work

In science year 2 have been learning about different materials and their properties. We have had some fun sorting materials into different groups. We also learnt some new words to describe the properties. Do you know what opaque means? We do!