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Mrs Cradock - 1/2KC

We had a fantastic trip to Bamburgh. We visited the Grace Darling Museum to link in with our history, St Aidan's Church to link with RE and the beach which linked to our Geography work on seas and coasts. It was such a great day.

We planned a healthy meal for Mr Grinling, the lighthouse keeper. We decided to make him a fruit salad so we sampled lots of different fruits, designed a dish that looked appealing then peeled, chopped and sliced the fruit to arrange it on the plate.

Our task whilst down at the forest was to create a mini sculpture of a forest creature using clay and natural resources that could be found on the ground. We made some wonderful sculptures of hedgehogs, snails, butterflies, bees, worms and spiders then we chose suitable locations to display our creatures.

We used magnifying glasses to carefully study and sort all different types of seeds.

We planted runner beans in transparent cups so that we could get a close look at the seeds as they germinate, then watch the roots, shoots, stems and leaves as they grow.

We were invited to Thorp Academy for a sports festival. It was a fantastic afternoon and we all really enjoyed ourselves.

We have been hunting for different types of plants around school.

We made puppets to help us learn to tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

This term we have been learning all about the Norman conquest and the castles that they built. We have looked at how and where they were built, how they were defended and attacked and found out about what life in a castle was like. Then, to finish off the unit, we went to visit Warkworth Castle. We had a wonderful day!

We had a lovely time with the guinea pigs when they visited our class again..

We have been practising writing questions. We got into 4 teams and had a race to see which team could write the most questions in two minutes.

We designed, built and painted our chairs, then evaluated them.

Our challenge was to build a freestanding structure that could take the weight of the pencil pot using just two sheets of newspaper.

For the past few weeks we have been lucky to receive some excellent cricket coaching.

In DT we are looking at free-standing structures. We have been using construction materials to prepare for this and have been building walls, chairs and tables. Here are some of our chairs.

For Red Nose Day we dressed in red and made some lovely red nosed biscuits.

Whilst learning about materials, we focussed on plastic and how to reuse, recycle and reduce the amount of plastic we use. We reused plastic water bottles to make bird feeders.

Green Fingers! We had fun colour mixing, making different shades of green.

Fun in the Forest!

We love music!

Year 1 have been singing songs in the reggae style this half term. We loved learning Bob Marley’s song, Three Little Birds. Today we were conductors and playing instruments loudly and quietly. We had a lot of fun!

We finished off our science work on materials with an investigation to test which material was the most absorbent. We used rubber, fabric, paper and plastic. We talked about the importance of ensuring a fair test by keeping certain things the same (the amount of water, the amount of time to soak, the size of the piece of material). We found that fabric would be the best material to use for a towel.

In art we were working with circles. We had to use our imagination to incorporate each circle into a picture. We transformed them into things like flowers, clocks, wheels, faces, ice creams, sunshines and balloons.

We are learning about everyday materials in science this half term so we went on a materials hunt outside in the yard. We found things that were made of metal, plastic, glass, wood, rubber and fabric.

Our Christmas party and Christmas jumper day.

Our class went down to the Juniors with Mrs Johnson's class for our festive fun run - we ran 6 laps of the big yard! Afterwards we were rewarded with hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows!

Look at our Christmas hats! Aren't they amazing? We all made a hat in preparation for our festive fun run.

We have enjoyed reading the story The Toymaker. In the story, Matthew the toymaker, makes dolls to look like his daughter and her friends. We made our own dolls with moving parts, to look like us. We loved playing with them.

We followed instructions to make a Snowball Krispie. We had fun making them and really enjoyed eating them afterwards!

Here we are making another moving picture - this time with a lever.

In DT this half term, we are looking at levers and sliders. Today we made a simple slider, but before we did, we practised our cutting, folding and sticking skills.

We had great fun playing with Victorian toys as part of our History of Toys topic.

Hot Chocolate Friday winners

We all dressed up for Children in Need and followed instructions to draw Pudsey!

This week we started our history topic 'Toys'. One of our first jobs was to look at pictures of toys and sort them according to whether they were old or new. We had some great discussions.

Odd Socks Day - we celebrated our differences and the fact that we are all unique by wearing odd socks to kick off Anti-Bullying Week.

Hot Chocolate Friday winners

We were very lucky to have a visit from Nick the Hedgehog. Mrs Baker has been looking after him - feeding him up, keeping him warm and getting him ready to be released back into the wild. We learned a lot about hedgehogs.

Fun in the forest on Friday. Before going down, we looked at some of the natural art works of Andy Goldsworthy and tried to recreate some of them using autumn leaves, sticks and pine cones.

Hot Chocolate Friday winners.

This group of children worked very hard to complete this extremely difficult spherical jigsaw.

Year 1 music on a Friday with the lovely Miss Thompson

More Hot Chocolate Friday winners

We have been learning about our 5 senses and had great fun sampling different tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter) and identifying different smells.

Hot Chocolate Friday winners

Leaf Man

The children enjoyed listening to the story Leaf Man in the forest area. They looked for autumn leaves and made their own leaf man.

Forest school in the sunshine!

Y1/2KC joined Y1J to visit our forest school area today. They had a brilliant time!