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Mrs Spurr - 4/5SS

Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 Key Spelling Lists. These are the key spelling we are working on in addition to spelling lists

Look at our new display showing all the brilliant work we have been doing about Living Things in science!

4/5SS were super scientists today, while they investigated the factors that affect how much carbon dioxide is produced by yeast. These ingenious investigators designed experiments, carried out their investigations and showed a fantastic understanding of the scientific knowledge behind their results. As ever, they made us so proud!!

4/5 SS adopt an orangutan! We were very concerned about the plight of wild orangutans after learning about deforestation in Geography. So we have decided to help by adopting an orangutan through WWF. We'll let you know when our pack arrives!

Welcome to our Year 4/5 SS Classroom

In 5SS we love learning!