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Ryton Infant and Junior School Federation

Positive, Respectful and Safe

Early Years Foundation Stage

In the Early Years at Ryton Federation, it is our aim to support children to;  

  • Develop a culture of care and kindness where children learn how to look after both 'people and planet' and understand why this is important. 
  • Develop positive relationships with one another, value diversity, uniqueness and the richness this brings to our lives. 
  • Develop resilience and strategies to cope with big emotions. 
  • Develop independence (both in the physical and emotional sense) and recognising the positive impact on this on children’s self-confidence and esteem. 
  • Learn effective communication and language skills thought precise targeted teaching.
  • Develop a life-long love of learning. 
  • Discovering a passion for literature and stories.  
  • Build on the curiosity they were born with and use this drive learning, question the world around them and discover new knowledge and skills through first-hand experiences. 
  • Develop an awareness of safety and risks and be able to begin to manage these with confidence. 
  • Develop children’s creativity in its widest sense. Through the arts as well as developing their ability to think creatively and problem solve. 
  • Develop a love of the outdoors and an appreciation of the natural world.  


We achieve our aims through; 

  • Our positive relationships and adult interactions with children and their families.
  • Working in partnership with parents.
  • Recognising each child as an individual with their own strengths, preferences, needs and interests. 
  • Our focus on developing children’s learning characteristics. 
  • Our Early Years enabling environments, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Our effective daily routine. 
  • Working within our whole school values of Positive, Respectful and Safe. 


To find out more about the School Curriculum please view our school policies or contact the school office.


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