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Mr Richardson - 5CR

Here are our 'eggcellent' decorated eggs - ranging from important historical figures to fictional superheroes. Well done 5CR!

ROMAN TOWN PLANS - Have a look at our Roman town plans. Can you spot the amphitheatre, forum, shops, temples or villas? (Look for a key!)

Our class enjoyed sitting together in the hall for Christmas dinner. They say their favourite bit was the brussell sprouts!

It's been Christmas party week. 5CR enjoyed a variety of games from 'pinning the nose on Rudolph' to Christmas 'Guess Who.' We finished off with a well earned rest and some party snacks.

In lessons, we found out about the end of the Neolithic period when Stone Age people changed from hunter gatherers to farmers. They stayed in one place, like at Skara Brae on Orkney, growing crops and raising animals. Have a look at the fences we made from natural materials to stop wild boar from roaming off.

5CR united against bullying. We wore odd socks to show support and produced jigsaw pieces saying how we'd choose to make a difference.

Have a look at our Stone Age story stones. Can you work out what aspect of Stone Age life we've tried to show on them?

Click on the 'Meet the teacher' link below to open the presentation.

Cave Art


In lessons, we've looked at the importance of cave paintings to archaeologists as a vital source of evidence about the Stone Age. Have a look at our cave paintings below. We made them using natural materials, just as Stone Age people would have done. Can you work out what story or message they are trying to tell?

Stealthy Stone Age Traps!

Have a look at the ingeniously deadly Stone Age traps that we made to make sure our ‘Stone Age families’ wouldn’t go hungry.  We used natural materials just like they would have thousands of years ago.