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March’s Achievers’

This month’s achievers’.

Children had great fun camouflaging an Easter egg to blend in with our classroom. My class were very creative with their designs. Miss B’s class then came to our class to hunt for our eggs and we went to their class to do the same.

Despite the rain, the children enjoyed an egg ( a golf ball) and spoon race and throwing a rubber egg to see how far they could throw it. The same child was victorious in both events.  

Mrs Laybourne, Mr Innerdale and Sam Cree visited our school to set up various activities and prayer spaces. The children jumped for joy on the mini trampette thinking about what they were thankful for and then thought about what makes them worried and threw their worry in the bin.

Painting to give the appearance of three dimensions

In art, children learnt about the effect of light on colour in everyday life and art. Applying what they learnt previously, they painted a simple cup, mixing and using tints and shades to give the appearance of three dimensions. 

Using the skills of mixing shades and tints, the children painted a large flower for their Mother’s Day card. 

The children had a fabulous afternoon making origami bookmarks with their parents on World Book Day.

World Book Day

The children came dressed as their favourite book character or they came dressed in their pyjamas. The whole school had a parade. 

This term the children have been learning about why and how the Ancient Egyptians built pyramids. Using sugar cubes they built their own pyramids using sugar cubes. 

Exploring Tints and Shades in Art

Children looked at the work of various artists to see how they used different shades and tints to show light and shade and make their work look three dimensional. Then, the children added white to a colour to make a tint, increasing the amount of white to alter its tint. Adding black to the paint the children then made various shades of their starting colour. 

We used bananas to help illustrate the process of mummification. First the children used a knife to put a small slit near the stalk of the banana and then they squeezed gently to remove the “brains” of the banana. Next they cut the banana and removed the insides of the banana or the “organs”. Some children ate the insides of their banana! The banana was then cleaned inside and out with antiseptic hand gel. After that, the children stuffed their banana skin with sawdust mixed with drops of lavender oil. Finally, they sewed their stuffed banana and placed it in salt. 


In history, the children have been developing an understanding of mummification and how and why the Egyptians mummified people. The children sorted the steps of mummification into the correct order.

Year 4 had a fabulous visit to Thorp’s fitness festival. The children were all amazing, perfect role models for effort, behaviour and supporting each other. 

Dress to Express Day

As part of Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing week, the children were invited to wear a colourful outfit of their own choice to support Hope for Hedgehogs a local rescue and rehabilitation charity based in Ryton.

February’s Achievers

Just some of this month’s achievers.

A fabulous time was had by all of Year 4 at our Christmas party. They played stations, musical statues, flap the fish and pass the parcel.

Our Christmas Lunch

November’s Achievers’

Christmas Jumper Day

A Visit to Crawcrook Library

We planted trees provided by the Woodland Trust and the Metro Centre in our school grounds to offset the carbon footprint created by the staff members of the Metro Centre. 

Exploring Area in Maths

We used post it notes to look at the area of different shapes by placing the post it notes in different positions to create different shapes and recognising that the area would remain the same no matter what position they were in.

Sorting Animals in Science

In Science, the children worked in groups to compose yes or no questions to create a branching diagram to sort animals. 

October’s Achievers’

September’s Fabulous Achievers