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Mrs Thorogood and Mrs Baker 2VT/GB

Sports festival

We have been very lucky to be invited to the sports festival at Thorp Academy today. We took part in a large circuit and worked in teams to compete against other local schools. We used lots of different skills including; dribbling, throwing, jumping, mountain climbers, burpees and skipping. We had so much fun! 

Marilyn Singer 

In our English lessons we have been doing a poet study of Marilyn Singer who has written hundreds of books and poems. We have written our own Biographies based on her work and are so proud to show them off!

Children in need 

Our class poetry performance winner.


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Our class performing the poem 'Please Mrs Butler' by Allan Ahlberg.

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We made our own vehicles using wheels, axels and chassis. We made them in two different ways as we investigated how the vehicles moved with the chassis attached and when the chassis were not attached! We had some run away wheels and axis at one point! We were very happy when we had a working vehicle!

Geography: Using maps and atlases to learn about the seven continents and five seas of the world!


Every day we have benn using the Rekenreks to master our knowledge of number bonds. This week we have been focussing on number bonds to 7.


We have been on a really exciting trip to the Queen’s Hall Arts Centre in Hexham. We saw the fantastic production of Michael Morpurgo’s ‘I believe in unicorns’. We really enjoyed being in the front row and so close to the stage. It felt like we were really part of it. We even got to meet the actress at the end. As an extra treat we went into the ‘Tiger who came to tea’ exhibition! Mrs Thorogood’s favourite children’s story.

The Big Story

We have been so lucky to have ‘The big story’ work with us this week. It’s always a pleasure to have them in school and even better when they work with our class! The theme this time is ‘Creation’ where the children have learnt about the story and taken part in creative activities to display this. The children also enjoyed the feast at the end! Who doesn’t enjoy a treat?!

We are scientists!

This week in science we have been investigating different materials to find out which would be the most suitable to make a raincoat. Firstly we made predictions of the materials we thought would be the most waterproof. We then tested a range of materials using the same amount of water and the same cups each time to make it a fair test. We gathered results for each material. 


We have had an exciting delivery this week! After reports that a dragon had been spotted in Ryton, we had some eggs appear in our school grounds. We had such a great time finding them. We knew that we had to take such great care of them so we discussed what we could do. We decided to give them a lovely warm, cosy bath and you’ll never guess what happened over night?! They hatched!!! We love them! It has given us something fabulous to write about! 

Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 29/09/2023

It’s been a busy time in year two this week! We have been focussing on place value in maths using base ten and part whole models to help us. We have also been learning about the formal elements of art in which we have used charcoal, pastel chalks and crayons to take rubbings of objects. We described the texture of each. 

Our elected School Council, Star of the Week and Ice-Cream Friday 22/09/2023

Star of the Week and Ice-Cream Friday! 15/09/2023