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Mrs Borrowdale - Two Year Olds (Butterfly Class)

What a busy last week of term! We picked our fruit and vegetables from our garden, we talked about how they looked, their colour and their texture! We climbed, played on bikes and enjoyed playing in the home corner. Enjoy your Summer holidays everyone!

This week has been Bubble and Squeak's birthday! We made cards and cakes for them and sang Happy Birthday lots of times to them! We have continued our learning indoors and outdoors through our play.

We have enjoyed using Water colours to paint with this week, we have stirred,poured,mixed and shared while making cups of tea on the tuff tray as well as sharing books,using our imagination and looking after the dollies!

Exploring paint,doing yoga, twirling hula hoops and cuddles from Bubble and Squeak!

We have shared the story of Jack and The Beanstalk this week so we have planted beans!We are having a beanstalk race with the Bumblebee and Ladybird group to see who can grow the tallest Beanstalk! We have enjoyed the sunshine this week in our warm but shaded garden.

A busy first week back after half term, playing outside, playing inside and making friends!

Our Butterflies have come out of their cocoons and we have 5 beautiful Butterflies! Another week of learning through our play in Nursery! Happy half term everyone!

We are still watching our caterpillars grow, they are now in cocoons! We have painted, played with sand, rolled balls down shoots, dressed up and making friends this week.

Bubbles, ribbons, and Caterpillars! Our busy week in Butterfly Class.

Our caterpillars are so big now! We are watching them grow.We have read stories about Our New King this week and celebrated his Coranation!

We are reading the story 'The very hungry caterpillar' this week, we have printed caterpillar pictures with paint and made smoothies with fruit that the caterpillar ate in the story. We also have some pet caterpillars and we are watching and waiting to see them change into Butterflies! We are also reading stories about Kings and Queens on the run up to The Coranation next weekend!

This week we have welcomed new friends into our group. We have read lots of stories about farm animals and their babies. We have played outside ,climbing,running and jumping.Indoors we have enjoyed the sand,water,painting and building! A lovely start to the new term!