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Mrs Borrowdale - Two Year Olds (Butterfly Class)

We have been learning about Chinese New Year this week.We made a Dragon head and did a Dragon Dance, we painted pictures with red and gold paint (Red is a lucky colour in China!). We also tasted noodles and tried to use chopsticks !

This week we has read books about bedtime and talked about our bedtime routines! We have made banana lollies, some bird feeders and lots of printing.

Happy New Year 2023. We have welcomed new friends into nursery this week, we made an obstacle course and played on the bikes in our lovely outdoor space.

Lots of lovely activities in Nursery including imaginative play,building,mark-making, water play and our usual Butterfly group fun!

This week we have been building, sticking, mark-making, pretending,reading, cutting and enjoying our play in the Butterfly Group!

This week Butterfly Group have bathed the dolls then washed their clothes and pegged them on the washing line! We also helped put up the Christmas tree!

Our play this week has included Exploring, pouring, building,rolling,mark making, matching and throwing! WOW!

Lots of fun in Butterfly Group!

Firework paintings, Remembrance Day Poppies, turntaking, making bird feeders and bird watching! What a busy week!

What a spooky week!We have made scary monsters at the craft table, decorated spooky biscuits, explored the Autumn leaves and had our usual fun in Butterfly Group

Making Pizza, Sharing Stories and Exploring Tools in the Playdough and Mud!

Sun, rain and wind, we have loved every precious minute in our gorgeous garden this week!

This week we have made pasta jewellery, biscuits and have enjoyed dressing up as police officers and fire fighters.

This week we have picked blackberries and apples from our garden, tasted blackberry jam on toast. We have made shakers and danced on our outdoor stage. We have enjoyed playing on the bikes, reading books and enjoying our snack times together!

We have had a lovely first week back.We have new friends in Butterfly class and have had lots of fun!