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Miss Baker and Mrs Cradock- Reception

Stars of the Week and Ice Pop Friday! 14/07/2023

We have been growing lots of different vegetables in Reception and today we dug up our potatoes and picked our broad beans.

Stars of the Week and Ice Cream Friday! 30/06/2023



We had the BEST DAY at the seaside! The sun was shining at Druridge Bay and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. We built sandcastles, tunnels, boats and mermaid sculptures. We splashed about in the shallows and jumped about in the water. We played ball games and frisbee on the beach. After lunch, we went up to the play area and had a great time in the park, only stopping for a delicious ice cream!

Stars of the Week and Ice Cream Friday! 16/06/2023

Ice Cream Friday! 09/06/2023

Continuing on from our learning of shapes, we learned about tangrams and made our own.

This morning, Reception went into Mrs Johnson’s singing assembly and learnt the song “This Little Light of Mine”. Later in the day, we were treated to this little rendition of the song.

Still image for this video

This week in Maths we have been working with shapes. We learnt how to create two triangles from a rectangle then investigated which new shapes we could make with them. We realised we could make different sized triangles, as well as other 4-sided shapes. Then we cut a rectangle into 6 squares and did the same thing. We made different sized squares and rectangles, as well as shapes with 6, 8 and even 12 sides!

Star Of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 26/05/2023

We have been doing lots of work around the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We have had great fun acting out the story. We thought we should make some cookies for Little Red Riding Hood to take to her Grandma so we made a list of the ingredients we would need to make some chocolate chip cookies. Then we made them and ate them. They were delicious. We have also been doing some wonderful writing - telling the story in our own words.

Stars of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 12/05/2023

Today we made the most of the lovely weather and had our snack outside!

We had a great time getting ready for The Coronation. We made paper chains to decorate the classroom and the hall, and we made gold crowns to wear for our special lunch.

Stars of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 05/05/23

Stars of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 28/04/23

Stars of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 21/04/23

Stars of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 31/03/23

In our RE lesson this week, we listened to the Easter story and learned about the importance of the cross in the Christian religion. We also sampled some hot cross buns. We have been getting ready for Easter, using our cutting and sticking skills to make Easter bonnets ready for the parade at the end of the week.

In our music lesson this week we have had fun playing more call-and-response circle games, we changed our voices to suit different characters as we sang, we used untuned percussion instruments to make scratchy sounds and used tuned instruments to play a simple accompaniment.

We have been learning about different ways in which to care for the environment. One thing we decided to do was to plant a garden. We have planted potatoes, carrots, some herbs and three different kinds of beans. We have talked about how to look after plants and we can't wait to watch them grow.

We did lots of art and DT this week, in preparation for a very special day at the weekend. We used watercolours to paint a rainbow. We learned how to get the right consistency of water and paint and how to control our brush strokes. Next, we learned how to fold our rainbows using the zig zag folding technique. We attached our rainbows to our cards and we had created our own pop-up cards!

We supported Comic Relief Red Nose Day. We participated in our whole school focus on wellbeing. We talked about the different ways we can look after our wellbeing. We learned how to do different breathing techniques.

This afternoon we were so lucky to be able to visit the Tyne Theatre to watch Room on the Broom. It was a fantastic show and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We had a lovely visit to Crawcrook Library on Friday afternoon. Kyle welcomed us with a couple of fantastic stories and had us up dancing and performing actions as he read Bathroom Boogie. Then we played a game of corners, based on the book. It was such great fun. After the game, Kyle explained how to join the library and we had the chance to look at some of the books available to borrow.

We had a lovely afternoon down at the forest today. The sun was shining brightly but it was cold. We had to do lots of running around, climbing and jumping to keep ourselves warm. The hot chocolate helped, too. Check out the natural ten frames some of us made, using sticks for the frames and then finding ten objects to fill them.

For World Book Day we came to school dressed as our favourite book characters or in our pyjamas, ready for a story! Lots of us brought in favourite books from home and it was lovely to be able to share new stories with the class. In the afternoon, lots of parents, grandparents and family friends came in to read with the children and help them to make paper plate book characters.

To finish off our topic on Amazing Animals, we have been looking at animals and their babies. We have read 'Monkey Puzzle' and 'Once There Were Giants' to introduce animal life cycles. We all brought in photos of ourselves as babies and enjoyed guessing who was who. We were amazed at how much we have changed as we have grown.

In maths this week we have been looking at how we measure time, length and height. We have compared the size of our feet with objects around the room to find things that are longer or shorter. We have recorded our heights on a wall chart and used towers of blocks to find things that are taller and shorter. We have also talked a lot about how we measure time in seconds, minutes, days, weeks and years and looked at how much we have changed over the years since we were born.

Our fantastic dictation sentences from our phonics sessions!

We had a lovely afternoon in the forest. As our topic this half term is Amazing Animals, we thought we would go on a minibeast hunt. We didn’t find a huge number of those listed on our sheets, but once we had lifted a few logs and tree stumps, we found beetles, woodlice, spiders and a couple of centipedes. We had taken magnifying glasses with us, so we were able to observe them closely. Some of us made homes out of sticks and twigs for minibeasts to live in. We also took everything we needed to make some simple bird feeders too.

In maths this week we have been combining two groups to make a total, or two parts to make a whole. We have done this using Numicon tiles, blue and red counters on a ten frame and with two dice whilst playing games like Snakes and Ladders.

We have been practising the long ladder family in our daily handwriting lessons.

Some of us have even made our own percussion instruments.

This week, our music lesson was all about percussion instruments. We watched some clips of young people playing different percussion instruments and talked about the way in which they played their instruments and how they made the notes louder, softer, longer and shorter. We then explored some of the percussion instruments that we have in school, looking at the different ways that they are played and listening to the different sounds they make. We had great fun marching around the room, playing our instruments and taking it in turn to conduct our friends whilst they were playing, using actions to tell them to start, stop and change the volume.

Our PE focus for the Spring Term is Body Movement. We have been learning how to move our bodies like different animals to the music of Carnival of the Animals.

Our last trip to the forest in January. We had a great time climbing, rolling, swinging and running around. We played hide-and-seek, we played in the mud kitchen and we made pictures out of natural materials.

In Maths we have been consolidating our understanding of numbers 0 to 5 and built a staircase showing the one more and one less pattern. We are now learning about numbers 6, 7 and 8 and have explored their different compositions.

Our Spring One Talk for Writing text is ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. We have learned how to tell the story using actions and a story map. We explored the instruments to add ‘trip, trap’ and ‘splash’ sound effects to our story telling. We enjoyed acting out the story using figures and masks. We looked at different types of bridges from around the world and enjoyed creating our own.

Our topic at the moment is Amazing Animals and this week we were focusing on pets. We have read stories and looked at non-fiction books about pets and done some amazing writing about caring for pets. We have also had a visit from the guinea pigs, Bubble and Squeak. We talked about how to look after pets like these, and we loved holding them and feeding them.

It was a Winter Wonderland down at the Forest this week! On the way down, we called in to see the hens to make sure that their water hadn't frozen over and to feed them some fresh fruit and vegetables.

A visit from Santa, a snowball fight then time to finish off our party food and have one last game of pass-the-parcel. It must be Christmas!

All dressed up for the Christmas party!

We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas lunch! We even made our own hats to wear.

We have enjoyed developing our fine motor skills through decorating our Christmas tree.

This week's music lesson - stomping around, keeping to the beat.

We enjoyed some hot chocolate down in the Forest.

We learnt to tell the story of The Magic Porridge Pot and at the end of the unit, we decided to make some porridge ourselves.

We celebrated Children in Need Day by decorating biscuits. First we sequenced the instructions, using the vocabulary first, next and last. Then we practised our counting and subitising skills to add five smarties.

We celebrated World Nursery Rhyme Week! We enjoyed a range of crafts and activities related to each rhyme. We then put on a performance for our grown-ups.

We took part in our annual school Poetry Competition. Reception did a fantastic job performing the poem 'Mice'. We are so proud of our children who won for their individual poetry performance!

We have been learning all about the numbers 4 and 5. We have been exploring the different arrangements we can make using multilink cubes.

This week we have been reading Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper. We finished off the week by making some winter vegetable soup of our own, all taking turns to chop the vegetables and stir in the water - unlike the characters in the story!

We had great fun carving out a pumpkin for Halloween.

We enjoyed playing with the parachute and applying our understanding of positional language.

We went on a shape hunt around school, looking for circles and triangles. We found so many!

We have been learning about the properties of circles and triangles in maths. We also looked at paintings by Wassily Kandinsky and noticed that he used shapes to create his pictures. We decided to make some of our own.

Making good use of our outdoor areas! On a particularly windy day, we felt inspired to make and fly some kites.

REB had the most magical afternoon down at the Forest with Mrs Goodwin. We enjoyed swinging in hammocks, climbing trees, lighting fires and toasting marshmallows.

Today, we took part in a Hoopstarz session. We learned all about how to hula hoop and how to do some special tricks. We showed resilience and kept on trying. We are so excited to keep practising our hula hooping at school!

We have been learning the story of The Little Red Hen. We can now confidently tell the story using our Talk for Writing story map and actions. Today, we baked our own bread rolls. We measured, stirred and kneaded the dough. Once they were out of the oven, we created a tally chart showing our choice of topping. They were absolutely scrumptious!

We had the most amazing afternoon down at the forest with Mrs Goodwin today. We climbed, swung, explored and played, then finished the afternoon off by toasting marshmallows around the campfire.