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Late/Absence Procedures

Every Day Counts – School Attendance


In the event of a child being absent from school there are several methods available in informing the school.


1) A message can be left by calling the school numbers and pressing option 1. Please state your child's name, class and reason for absence.

2) Absences can also be recorded using the in-app message service on your Arbor App


If you do not contact us we will contact you on the first morning of absence to ensure your child’s safety.

The government wishes children to be in school whenever it is open and they need to be present to progress. If children are ill or have a medical appointment their absence will be authorised. If there are serious family circumstances their absence may be authorised. Leave of absence will not otherwise be authorised except in exceptional circumstances.

We encourage all children to be punctual in attendance but recognise that on occasions lateness may be unavoidable. In such an event, again parental co-operation would be welcome with a telephone call or note to explain circumstances.


Certificates are awarded to pupils with excellent attendance