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Mrs Borrowdale - Two Year Olds (Butterfly Class)

Nursery sports day 2021

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What a busy week! We have ran everyday in the Rainbow run! On Friday we had a special Rainbow breakfast to end our week, as well as our usual fun in Nursery! Happy Half term everyone !

We have talked about what makes us happy and how we can make others happy.

We read the story about The Gingerbread Man and we made Gingerbread man biscuits for our snack. We also read another of our favourite stories Nosey Norman who could smell lots of things! We went into our sensory garden and had a smell of all our herbs and flowers. we have had another fun filled week!

What a busy few weeks in Butterfly class! We have welcomed new friends into our group, we have celebrated Earth Day. We printed 100 handprints, which was very messy and good fun, in aid of Captain Tom's birthday. We have also planted sunflowers and we are watching them grow!

The last 2 weeks have been very 'egg'citing. We visited our hens and collected their eggs. One day there were 10 eggs!!! We love to visit them. We then made egg and cress sandwiches, we grew the cress ourselves. The bit we loved the most was rolling our eggs down different sized hills. Some hills made the eggs roll fast some were much slower. 

 This we  enjoyed the story Pass the Jam Jim! So we decided to make some jam tarts, which tasted yummy!

We also decorated biscuits for Red Nose day

We welcomed all our friends back to Nursery this week! We enjoyed playing outside this week rolling, jumping,climbing and balancing. We enjoyed mark making with the chalk, painting with water and having lots of fun!

Thank you to everyone who joined us on-line for Story and Rhyme time. Butterfly Class have engaged in mark making, lots of constructing and small world play this week. We look forward to having all our friends back next week!

We have made pancakes, made pizzas and made Jam sandwiches this week and they were all delicious! We practised our fine motor skills by mixing,stirring,pouring,sprinkling and spreading the ingredients. We have enjoyed the sensory den and lots of water play this week. We have been pleased to see our friends at our on-line story and rhyme sessions!

Story and singing time has continued this week at 10am and 2pm for The Butterfly Group! We have had lots of fun in the snow this week, we have celebrated Chinese New Year by tasting Chinese food. We have explored all areas of our Nursery and had lots of fun!

This week we have continued our on-line learning for the Butterfly group. We have story and singing at 10am and 2pm every day. This week we also have been thinking about Childrens Mental Health and how to stay happy.Parents have sent photos in for us to display to show us what their children are doing at home.

This week we have been Bird watching. Robins, sparrows,blackbirds and pigeons came to visit our garden. We went to see the hens and Mrs O'neill went into the hen house and fed the hens porridge. She found 3 eggs too! We made bird feeders and put them on the trees for the birds to peck. We also made bird handprints on our window which was good fun! Have a look at our new sensory den, it is a lovely calm place for the children to sit and explore. We have continued with our online story and singing time this week and have had our lovely Butterflies join us from home. We have shared lots of our favourite stories and rhymes each day.

Welcome back!

 Happy New Year 2021.

Over the last 2 weeks we have welcomed back a few Butterflies into our classroom, who have been joined on- line at  10am every morning by our home learning children, so we can sing together as a group.  Then again at 2pm everyday we meet on- line for story time with Miss Hayden!

As the weather has been snowy, We have made snow pictures in school using white paint, cottonwool and silver glitter.

We practised our cutting skills by making lots of snowflakes.

At singing time we played musical instruments when marching to The Grand Old Duke of York!


What a busy week! First we had Christmas lunch was was delicious We went on a Christmas Forest Trail and saw lots of decorations and twinkly lights on the trees. We also had Hot Chocolate at the end of the trail and got a selection box as a treat! Happy Christmas everyone!

Christmas party time! We danced, played games and had lots of party food.

Butterflies have read lots of stories this week.,Our favourite is 'Peace at Last'. We have mixed colours, decorated our Christmas tree, lots of mark making again and music indoors and outdoors!

We baked cakes this week then had a teaparty with a tiger! We also walked through the jungle to see what we could see and hear. The children enjoyed lots of mark making,climbing and painting.

We have had a busy Nursery Rhyme week. We explored a mini bus, made lots of frogs and mice, played farms and looked after a poorly dolly and made her some biscuits!

Lots of adventures this week. We pretended we were Doctors, we had lots of messy play, digging in the garden, playing in the mud kitchen and lots more!

The children have enjoyed sharing the story 'Peppa's vegetable garden' so we decided to plant some cress seeds and watch them grow! We also fed the birds this week and made a lovely picture of the Nursery rhyme 'Two little dickie birds sitting on the wall'. We have enjoyed playing in the leaves, building towers and lots of small world play!

This week we have dressed up as spooky characters, made magic wands and decorated scary biscuits. we have also climbed, danced, splashed and played! Happy days!

We have explored the water this week, played in the Role play area and had a picnic. Made towers with the blocks and went on a train journey. Read lots of stories and printed with leaves and apples! Another funfilled week for the Butterflies!

This week we made vegetable soup! We peeled and chopped some vegetables to put into it. We also had toast!.Lots of lovely learning indoors and outdoors again this week.

What a busy week! We had another visit to the chickens. We then made a healthy snack of scrambled eggs, toast and cereal., it was yummy! We also made kites, played musical instruments, sang lots of songs and enjoyed our play!

Lots of climbing,balancing, sliding, splashing, painting and playing in The Butterfly Class this week!

The Children are settling into Nursery well. They are exploring the areas in our Nursery and in our garden.