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Grace Darling

The children were history detectives. They looked at statements about Grace Darling and found the evidence to prove the fact. They found out that historians use different sources of evidence to find out about the past.

This Week's Achievers! 14/06/2024

This Week's Achievers! 07/06/2024

This Week's Achievers! 24/05/2024

Design Technology 

We have been learning about plants in science. Year 1 found out that fruit is the part of a flowering plant that contains the seeds. For our DT task we designed a colourful, tasty fruit salad. We tasted the fruit first then designed our fruit salad. We chopped and sliced the fruit and created our fruit salad. Then we ate the fruit salad and evaluated our salad. We had a great afternoon!

We are having a great ‘ Break the Rules’ day. We enjoyed our snack at playtime! We also had extra playtime in the classroom and outside!

We have planted our runner beans and we now have a garden centre to play in! We are waiting for our plants to grow! We found out that we eat different parts of different plants. 

We had such a lovely visit to the newly refurbished Crawcrook Library. Kyle showed us around then read us a great story. He organised a treasure hunt for us then we had time to browse all the wonderful children’s books.

Skipping Day

We had a super session with Gail learning how to skip!

We are super scientists!
Our new science topic is plants and we enjoyed looking at the different parts of a real plant. We are planting our seeds tomorrow. What will they grow into?

This Week's Achievers! 03/05/2024

Can you spot the changes over the seasons?

We enjoyed our Spring walk and found lots of signs of Spring!

What a wonderful class trip we had to Warkworth Castle. The sun was shining, the children were so well behaved and we were lucky to have some fantastic parent helpers. After learning so much about the history and geography of castles in class, it was fabulous to be able to go and visit a castle as spectacular as Warkworth.

We are really enjoying our cricket coaching in PE.  We were bowling this week.

The children enjoyed looking at the Christian special objects in RE with Mrs Martin.

This Week's Achievers 19/04/2024

We can follow instructions to make our cute spring time lamb biscuits!

Easter Fun!

We loved making our Easter cards, Easter chocolate nests and bonnets. Today we visited the prayer spaces in the hall and library and thought about the Easter story.

This Week's Achievers! 22/03/2024

This Week's Achievers and Hot Chocolate Friday! 08/03/2024

We loved making our book marks with our parents on World Book Day.

World Book Day 2024

This Week's Achievers! 01/03/2024

Design Technology

Structures- making a windmill 

We loved holding the guinea pig for our class treat!

We can systematically find our number bonds to 20.

A Winter Walk

We had a super walk this week to look for signs of winter. We saw deciduous trees with no leaves, evergreen trees with lots of leaves and beautiful snowdrops. The weather was cold and foggy but we had our warm clothes on.

This Week's Achievers and Hot Chocolate Friday! 16/02/2024


We used maps, a globe and an atlas to find out about where we live. We can name the seven continents and the five oceans. We found our country in the atlas and found the  four countries and the capital cities.

Dress to Impress 

We can experiment with different media

We experimented and explored different drawing mediums.  We used watercolours, pastels, crayons, pens and pencils.

We drew around the 2D shapes, making sure that they overlapped to create our abstract art.

We used the different mediums to colour the overlap. Lots of the children said that pen was their favourite!

Shades of Green 

The children mixed together the primary colours blue and yellow to make the secondary colour green. They then made different shades/hues of green by adding more blue or yellow.

This Week's Achievers and Hot Chocolate Friday! 02/02/2024

This Week's Achievers and Hot Chocolate Friday! 26/01/2024

Problem Solving 

Mr Lee counted 14 legs on his farm.  How many hens and sheep could he have?
The children solved the problem using lolly sticks and cubes and then recorded their answer in their books.

Place Value

We have been looking at the value of each digit in a 2 digit number. We can make 11,12 and 13 with tens and ones, Numicon and our rekenreks.

We had a lovely time this afternoon when Year 5 came up to visit us with the books that they have been making. They have made fantastic pop-up books with moving parts and we really enjoyed reading them.

We loved making the 2D shapes on geoboards. We were human geoboards, we used geoboards and we used the IPads. 

We have started our new topic on toys. The children loved sharing their favourite toy with their friends. Most of the toys were made from plastic. Some toys moved, made sounds and some even changed colour!

We have had a super first week back!

We looked around the classroom to find 3D shapes. We could name all of the shapes.

We had a super last day and loved finishing our party food. We had a special visit from Santa this afternoon!

We wrote super Three Little Pig stories and we shared them with our friends this morning.

We had an amazing Christmas party!

Within RE we have been telling the Christian Christmas story. We have been looking at different Nativity sets from all over the world.

We enjoyed our Christmas dinners.

We loved telling the story of Christmas in our Nativity play. Everyone looked super in their costumes and sang beautifully.

We had a special visitor in school on Monday!
The children wrote questions for the Big Bad Wolf and he arrived from Fairytale Land.

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

We had a lovely time playing out in the snow on Friday.

Mother Pig sent us a letter this week, she was worried about her little pigs!

We wrote back to her to reassure her that her pigs were safe!

We then told the story of the three little pigs using puppets. We have written questions for the wolf coming on Monday!

We made moving pictures using sliders and levers.

Levers and Sliders

We enjoyed exploring how the pictures in the books moved.  We learned that they can move with levers and sliders.  We are going to make our own moving picture next week!

Science Investigation 


We carried out an investigation to see which material would be best to make a towel for the doll. We tested fabric, rubber, paper and plastic.  We found out that the fabric was the best material because it absorbed the water. 

Our poetry performance winner.


Still image for this video

Our class performing the poem 'Big Green Crocodile' by Jane Newberry.

Still image for this video

Children in Need biscuits!


We know which material each object is made from.

We used numicon to find all the pairs of numbers that made 10. 

The guinea pigs came to visit Mrs Cradock’s class so we had a visit to hold Bubble and Squeak!

We have been looking at number bonds within 10 in maths.

The children found all the different ways to make 7.

We have been so busy this week!


In English the children sorted strips into two piles, deciding whether they were full sentences or not. 

In art we listened to music written by the composer Debussy called La Mer, and then used sea colours to draw wavy lines to represent the sea.


In maths we wrote the fact family number sentences to represent Mrs Johnson’s sweets!

Today we had a lovely visit to Crawcrook Library. Kyle read us a great story, then we took part in a Halloween themed treasure hunt. We had some time to look at the books too. Two of us had brought our library cards and were able to take some books out

Achievers of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 13/10/2023

We made our own number lines in maths!

Abstract Art

We looked at the artist Beatriz Milhazes and her abstract art using colour and shapes. We worked with our friends to create our own abstract art using circles.

Star of the Week and Hot Chocolate Friday! 29/09/2023

We have been learning about Autumn in class so when we visited the forest this afternoon, we looked for signs of the changing seasons. We listened to a lovely story called 'Leaf Man' by Lois Ehlert then went off to find leaves that we could use to make our own leaf figures. We couldn't leave the forest without having a little bit of time to play.


We were super scientists this week.
We have been finding out about our senses. The children used their sense of taste to decide if the drink was sweet, salty, sour, bitter or bland and if they liked it. Not many children liked the sour drink!

Our elected School Council, Star of the Week and Ice-Cream Friday! 22/09/2023

In PE, after a good warm-up, we worked with the children in Mrs Cradock's class to practise balancing on different body parts, linking this work to our science topic 'Our Bodies'.

In maths we have been ordering numbers to 10 and finding the number name. We have also been looking at the number 5 and finding all the ways to make 5.


In Art we have looked at self portraits by the famous artists Frida Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh. We then looked closely at our faces in the mirror and sketched a first draft of our own self portrait. 

Star of the Week and Ice-Cream Friday! 15/09/2023

An Amazing First Week in Year 1