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Mrs Steel - 6FS

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Fabulous last week in school for 6FS

6FS found themselves evacuated this week!

Year 6 took part in some social media awareness training with PC Hyde and Tony from Clennell

Fabulous Forest Adventurers

6FS thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas lunch this week. Huge thank you to all the lovely ladies in the kitchen! It was delicious.

A Winter Wonderland Comes to Ryton

Wow! We have had a fantastic time in the forest today answering Christmassy questions, discovering the beautiful, sparkly trees that had been decorated by each class and enjoying some delicious hot chocolate before taking home a lovely selection box. Yum!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped to make the session so magical! It's definitely starting to feel a lot like Christmas!

More lovely Radical Reading Bronze Award winners and our first Silver Award winners.

Well done everyone - keep up the good work!

Party Day Today!

6FS had great fun at their Christmas party this year. We knew it would be arranged a little differently, but everyone had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I have to apologise about the photos though - I didn't get a chance to take many and then the camera was set on portrait mode or should I say blurry!

More Hot Chocolate Friday winners for 6FS

Well done, both of you - thoroughly deserved!

Christmas Garlands for The Towers, Ryton.

Ryton Federation has been working hard with Equal Arts and Seven Stories to create beautiful Christmas tree garlands that will be used to decorate The Towers, a local care home in Ryton. The children took great care to decorate their trees and are so pleased to know they will be bringing some Christmas cheer to some very important people in our community.

Budding Scientists at Ryton.

6FS had an fantastic opportunity to meet with scientists from The Centre for Life. They had great fun investigating three different scientists, learning about the structure of the brain and asking them loads of questions on a live chat. Lots of budding scientists at Ryton! We even found out that one of the scientists was in fact an ex-pupil from our school! Absolutely amazing!!!


Another great week for 6FS. Anti-bullying Week was rounded off with lots of odd socks and even shoes, today! We also had yet another Hot Chocolate Friday Winner and two more deserving winners having a dip in the treat box as well as our first Bronze Times Tables Award winner - photo to follow!

Children in Need

6FS had a great day yesterday taking part in Children in Need challenges. We started by joining Joe Wickes for the end of his 24 hour challenge and we completed his final 20 minute workout as we cheered him on. We have taken part in his daily challenges all week and have been amazed by the amount of money he has raised for such a brilliant charity. Each day we have worked on his daily tasks and videos, spent some time thinking about our well-being, which is so important right now, and talked about all that we are grateful for.

Our final challenge started by collecting yellow leaves to help finish the giant Pudsey head other classes had been working on. The wind didn't make it an easy task, so resilience was an absolute must but check out the finished head below. A massive well done goes to everyone at Ryton Federation - a huge team effort as always!


More Bronze Award Winners

6FS has some amazing readers, who are so enthusiastic and keen to read. 4 more brilliant readers achieved their Bronze Reading Award this week! A fantastic achievement meaning they have read almost every day since the start of term. Keep reading!!

This Week's Hot Chocolate Friday Winner!

Another fantastic and well deserving Hot Chocolate Friday winner! You always make us all so proud!

Look at this amazing TTRockstars battle. A huge well done to everyone who got involved - some of your scores are absolutely unbelievable! Year 3 battled so hard and did themselves proud!

6FS are taking on 4VH next week! I hope we are ready for the challenge.

Bronze Reading Awards!

It has been amazing to see 6FS become so keen to read everyday! We are all very proud of the first group of children achieving their Bronze Reading Award this week and know that next week even more children will be ready to receive their bookworm badge, their special pencil and their certificate.

Keep reading everyone and remember to bring in those reading records each day so that we can keep collecting stamps and earning more rewards!

Hot Chocolate Friday Winner!

Another very worthy winner of Hot Chocolate Friday in 6FS! He should be so very proud of how hard he works, how polite he always is and how talented he is!


6FS have had a fantastic first week back after half term.

Their Picasso style portraits are well underway and they have investigated how changing voltage impacts on the brightness of a bulb, started their newspaper reports on a local Victorian miner and worked together in teams to complete a scavenger hunt in the forest area.

One of our talented artists also spent some time at home creating a beautiful sketch of a Victorian lady. It is absolutely stunning! It was lovely to see her proudly sharing her creations and to see how many children became so enthusiastic about her talents. They were keen to ask lots of questions and all wanted to be able to draw like her!


More Forest Fun!


6FS have been working hard to create some beautiful autumnal leaf art and a huge rainbow in our forest area. Fantastic team work, organisation and enjoyment of the good old outdoors. Our bucket of 'feel good factor' is full to the brim this week!

A well deserving HOT CHOCOLATE FRIDAY winner!

Meet the Teacher Presentation October 2020

6FS heads back in time and discovers just when the Victorian era actually was!

6FS are looking forward to running a mile a day throughout October to raise money for local charities! First week done!


A great battle started today in Year 6 with boys v girls! Look at the amazing scores already!!!!

Welcome Back 6FS


It has been brilliant welcoming 6FS to school and seeing them settle back into learning so well. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with and we're all really looking forward to Year 6. I've been so impressed!

In just a few days, they have mastered how to use Teams, which is brilliant, and have made a fantastic start with Reading Plus. It has been lovely to see them so excited about how many words they have read and to see their Reading Records fill up fast. Already, we have some children achieving their first reading reward and a good few more will be receiving theirs on Monday - Mrs. Ashcroft is ready to bring the tray of squishies, so keep reading!

On Friday afternoon, a session in our magical forest area saw them get creative, building shelters, fairy houses and so much more. I know they can't wait for next week!