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Miss Hayden - Nursery Class

With all the concerns over the coronavirus outbreak and the impact schools and your child’s learning, we wanted to offer you some ideas to help you continue their education during this period. We also appreciate that keeping children engaged in their learning whilst at home is not going to be easy and so we have prepared perfectly matched content for your child that can be completed both independently or with adult support. When we find more resources these will be added to our class page to keep you going. 


World book week


This week we have been doing different jobs to do with our favorite stories. We started off with the story of 'Room on the broom' making our own delicious brooms. We planted seeds hoping Thumbelina would grow and shared stories with our friends in Year 6 

Another amazing week in Nursery. We have welcomed new friends and continued building existing friendships. In group times we have enjoyed singing, giving everyone a chance to take their turn!! It is good to share. We may be 50% way through the year but our children are showing their 100% potential. 

WB 27.01.2020 'Eggciting' times

This week we have been so busy. We started the week visiting our hens and collecting eggs. On Tuesday we made scrambled egg on toast, it was so YUMMY!!!! We then had the privilege of being invited to Barmoor hub to play boules and paint alongside people in our community. 


This week we travelled different ways just like the gingerbread man. After reading the story of The Gingerbread man at story time last Friday we wanted to make our very own this week which we did using different ingredients and following instructions but...…… on Tuesday when we came in they were nowhere to be seen. We had to listen to clues and eventually found them, Miss Gilholm saved them from the fox!! We got to decorate them while recalling the story. While we were playing we created safe places for the Gingerbread man to hide form the fox and created story boards. 

WB 06.01.2020


This week we could not be more proud of our children. We welcomed some new friends and the children who were returning supported these new friends to settle in by inviting them into their play, showing them how we behave at nursery, where our toys go and the daily routine. We have also introduced free flow snack for out 3 and 4 year old group where children drop their name into he basket and serve themselves snack at any point in the day. 

What an amazing first week back!!

A visit from Santa!

Shopping for our Party Food 
We've had another busy week in Nursery.  We went to Sainsbury's to get our Party food and then on Wednesday we had a fantastic Party.  We are hoping for a visit from a special person sometime on Friday if he isn't too busy.

WB 02.12.19

This week as well as learning through our play we have taken part in our Christmas Nativity and put up our Christmas tree. We have had so much fun while we have been learning. We explored light and dark after one of our friends found a torch. 

Feeling festive

WB:25.11.19 We have been leaving our mark EVERYWHERE!

WB 18.11.19 

This week we have been very busy learning through our play and showing our teachers how clever we are but we have also been taking part in 'World nursery rhyme week' and had a different focus each day: 

On Monday: Ba ba black sheep. We added different colours and Makaton signs

On Tuesday: Down in the jungle. We are very good at making the sounds of different animals and hearing the initial sound of each animal name. 

On Wednesday: Incy Wincy spider. Did you know he also climbed a tree. 

On Thursday: Row row row your boat - we saw 3 different animals on our journey. 

On Friday: 2 little dicky birds. 

We have also loved investigating the ice that Jack frost left this week, we even made our own ice cream where were had different flavours. Some of us were able to take orders and tally this on a chart for the flavours our teachers would like. We then counted the total number of orders. HOW AMAZING ARE WE!!!!


And this is not all we had an amazing time in the forest on Tuesday where all of our Nursery friends were invited to come along so some of us got to meet brand new friends. 

It was cold outside but that did not stop us!!

WB 14.11.19This week one of our friends brought in her tiger from 'The tiger who came to tea' and we made our own tea party with sandwiches and made cups of tea in our play. Mrs Borrowdale found all of the things we needed to make a real cup of tea which we tasted at snack time. Throughout the week this interest kept making an appearance so we acted out the 'A cup of tea'  poem with actions and tasted other hot drinks. This helped us to warm up when we were playing outside which we love to do all year round!

On Tuesday we wore odd socks to show how unique we all are and to celebrate everyone being different. We have also been thinking how lucky we are in the lead up to 'Children in Need'.

WB 28.10.19


The team in Nursery are so proud of how settled the children came back after their half term break. This week we have been using the different aspects of Halloween to develop writing, measuring, creating and fine motor skills. Take a look below. We changed our home corner into a spooky house which the children used to talk about what they were dressing up as for Halloween then recall what they did for Halloween. 

WB 14.10.19


This week in Nursery we have been having lots of fun learning through our play as well as looking after the birds in our garden as the weather is starting to change. We made bird feeders for the birds by threading cheerios onto pipe cleaners, great for developing our fine motor skills. We welcomes a new friend into our Nursery on Monday and cannot wait to welcome more after the half term holiday. 

WB 07.10.19

This week we looked at where our food come from and how they are made. 

We made soup from the vegetables that come from the Farmers fields. Explored wheat in our play and to make the bread bases for our pizzas. We also had lots of fun exploring how our world changes around us! 

It was an emergency

What an amazing start to the week. Thank you PC Hyde and PC Neil 🚓

Investigation team

This week we have had a fantastic week investigating where the rain came from. We created the sound of the rain with the shakers moving up and down as the rain falls from the clouds. We also investigated who was trying to steal the fine prize cow, being police officers using our imagination and singing our new police officer song. 



We are so proud with the way all of the Nursery children, new and returning children, have settled in. We are following their interests and playing alongside them so they can show and tell us how clever they are.