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Miss Bottomley - 6AB


Summer Term 2022

We are really looking forward to the summer term and the topics we will study. These include Evolution and Inheritance in science - a chance to explore the adaptations of animals and discover how life has evolved over time. We will also be studying how Britain changed in response to World War II and try to understand the different experiences of evacuees. In geography, we will be improving our understanding of climate and time zones around the world. There will also be lots of PE, French, music and art activities to enjoy as well as planning and preparing our enterprise projects for the May Fete. Another busy, but fun, term indeed!

Hot Chocolate Friday Champions!

Easter Fun

We have had a lovely end to the Spring term with jarping, rolling and egg decorating activities.

Geography Skills

Using oranges as a model for Earth, we explored the important lines of latitude and longitude such as the equator and the prime meridian. We explored the continents of the world and looked at where they are located in relation to the tropics, poles and equator.

Forest Fun

We love to spend time in our fabulous forest area. Today we created words using the first letter of objects that we found. Can you guess any of them?